26 July 2013

Appreciate what you have or it will be gone.

Not everyday you get someone who does something for you. Someone, who would spend nights to talk to you; spend his time to pamper you; travels distance to meet you halfway; comes to your rescue when you get stuck; love you like no one else will ever do.
If you have such someone, grab them with both the hands and never let them go. If you do a mistake say sorry, do things which make situations right, apologise even when you are right, value the time you have with them, value their sacrifice, you yourself compromise. Because one day when you get up and don't find them by your side it will be your mistake and not theirs. You didn't value and they deserved better.
This is for that someone I value the most in life. The one I never wana go away.
If you are reading this, I just want to say - You are Special. Everything to me.

"Chahe jo tumhe poore dil se
Milta hai woh mushkil se
Aisa jo koi kahin hai
Bus woh hi sabse haseen hai.
Us haath ko tum thaam lo
Woh meherbaan, Kal ho na ho."


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