21 July 2013

IB Awards 2013 - Prestigious Blogging Awards by Indiblogger

When I was a kid I would spend my new year's eve watching Bollywood awards night on TV. Not just me but all my friends did the same. I often wondered what it feels to be nominated for an award and win it too. 10 years later came #Blogging in my life which makes me high on passion and happiness everytime I write something. A year after my blog started, I noticed the Indiblogger's IB Awards 2013.

What is IB Awards?

Indian Bloggers (IB) Awards is the platform to award Bloggers from various niche. Nominate your blog(s) and you might just see your blog winning among 1000's! Brought to you by the ever-so-amazing Indiblogger - India's Biggest Blogging Community!
Want to know more about it? Here's where you should be > http://www.indiblogger.in/iba/

I have nominated A Li'l of Everything under Personal & Fashion categories. Do write in testimonials and share your love and my blog might just win because of all my readers, that's you!

My Blog is one among some 700 blogs under "Personal" category. Here - http://www.indiblogger.in/iba/entry.php?edition=1&entry=53732.

Do send in your love people!
Thank You!! <3
All the best to all my fellow bloggers ^_^


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