16 June 2013

HPInk Advantage Bloggers Meet

My first Indiblogger meet in delhi, or for that matter the first ever Blogging meet in a new city! :) A good friend in tow, definitely a good day!

It was Indiblogger's one of the many interesting Bloggers meet. On 8th June, 2013 when my city Mumbai was splashed with beautiful rains; delhi was hot with scroching heat and definitely hotter with all the Blogging families at The Fortune Global, where the Indiblogger Meet took place!

#HPInkAdvantage where technology binds with creativity to bring masterpieces! The meet was good and it was my first my first '30 seconds of Fame' too! :D 

The meet made me miss my childhood days when we used to sing "Old McDonalds had a farm, E-I-E-I-O!" Indiblogger made us sing this melody and it was lovely! Not to forget my team's animal was a Puppy and yes, we did make sound like a puppy does. :P

With a round of small activities in between where attendees who came with their family got to win HP speakers! The activity where the bloggers had to chose any number between 1 and 11 was actually new to me and I thoroughly enjoyed it too :)

HP has associated with Pogo to push creativity among the children and adults alike with technology as one of the main criteria of the same. The creative lady from Pogo taught all of us as to how to make a pretty gift box from a sheet of paper! You draw frame, cut, paste, add a bow and *swush* you are done! :D I am definitely gonna try it back home!

Moving on, the best part of the afternoon was "The Creative Corner". What happened is, the audience was divided into 4 teams of 15 people each and each team was given a birthday party theme! Yes, a birthday party theme in a bloggers meet. So what the team had to do is; set a birthday party table in 30minutes with the material being provided!

Theme which my team got? > PIRATES!
I was beaming with joy!

Since the day I have watched Pirates of the Caribbean and seen Johnny Depp, I am mad about anything which has to do with Pirates :D

the countdown started and so did we. Our team definitely  had a lot of fun and was all set in the Pirate mood. We made things like Eye Patches, Birthday Thank you card, Invitation card, Loads of Blue balloons, beautiful table and what was the return gift from our team? An HP Printer! Yeah you heard it! ;) Actually one of our team member won that printer the same evening for a twitter contest #HPInkAdvantage. Lucky no? :D

Our Pirate Birthday Table
The Birthday Card I made, like it?

Our Plate :)

Got praises too! :) yay!

Moving on, 30 minutes went down. Table was set. The judges went on to all the tables and adjudged the winners! Our team - The Mickey Advantage (The Pirates) came 2nd! :D wohoo :D All the team members got HP speakers to take away home :) #Yay!

The team which came 1st >>

Mermaid, their theme :)

Speakers we got! :) They are good!! spent the next night, listening to songs, this helped! :P
 I feel technology does play a big role when it comes to nurturing creativity. With loads of tutorials available online and printers like that of HP with lesser print cost and better quality, the joy of making something just gets better! :)
My super cute n talkative friend, Shivani Goyal :)
Thank you Indiblogger for this amazing meet! Look forward to many more :)
Thank You HP!

Megha <3


arvindpassey said...

Nice to read that you too were one of the winners in this meet... great feeling!

Indi-meets are a great combo of enthusiasm and learning.... and it is always great to meet new bloggers and hear their opinion.

Loved your post.

Arvind Passey

Tanya Anurag said...

Cool.. so I finally see picture with myself in it :)

This was my first IndiBlogger meet and I had super fun!! Glad I attended it and now I am looking forward to the next invite :)