09 June 2013

My First Love

“You taught me how to ride my pink bicycle
and stand up strongly no matter how many times I fell.

You would take me in arms when I came running towards you.

You would always get me the story books I wanted to read…
and Love me like no other man would ever do.”

"Papa Kehte hain bada naam karegi

Beti hamara aisa naam karegi..."

Not that my father sing this for me but I know that he feels. Ever since my school days, my father has made me strong enough to stand on my own. Not that he doesn’t want to help me out but because he wants me to be independent. 

I remember those days when I would run to him and take out his wallet and comb his hair. He would come home tired but for me it was a happy moment when Papa used to be home. Sometimes I wonder if I could ever go back in time and atleast click those moments. They are priceless.

Career choice has always been a freedom at my home; I give the credit of it to my father. I know my father feels that being in a communications field won’t make me rich but he knows that it makes me happy.

After all, Love is not what you live for. It is what makes your life easier.

Among my siblings I am the closest to my papa. We fight on a daily basis. I love irritating him and love to see that smile on his face that moment. He has given me a 1000 (more than that) magical moment and continues to do so. And me? I continue to love him even more…

"The man who filled my childhood with lovely moments to cherish now,
the one who fills my heart with warmth and love.

The one with whom I fight all the time,

but still in the strongest relationship ever since I saw him.
My first love, my man; 
My Father."

Wishing my Papa a very Happy Father's Day.
You are my Hero, Papa!

This was for a contest Papa kehte hain by purplle.com