25 June 2013

Things my Papa has taught me

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I learn; involve me and I remember”
– Benjamin Franklin

I agree to what’s quoted above. And I feel my dad knew this even before I was capable enough to red or understand these words.

The memories that we all have are different. The ones’ associated with childhood are the best. I can bet on it! J Many of those memories are with my Papa! I remember those cards I would make for him on his birthday, those nights when my dad would teach me for my Maths exams (I was always bad in this subject :P), running to him when he would be back from office, endless demands for grapes and boomer (well, Boomer is my all-time favourite, still is!), and so on.

Midst all the fun, love, laughter, fights, demands; my Papa taught me a lot many things about Life. In every step of his life, there was a lesson. A lesson to be cherished and never to be forgotten…

1. The Value of Family
I remember I used to be sad when dad would leave for office. I never understood why he would go out leaving us home every single day. But when he would be home on weekends, I used to be happy. He would play Ludo, watch tv with me, get me loads of magazines to read; it was fun. In all this I realized his compassion and love towards us; his family. 

He always tells me; no matter where you go, no matter where you stand – it’s a family whom you can go back to anytime. They won’t question you or forbid you but would always be waiting with open arms. That’s family. And that’s what should be given foremost importance.

2. Value of Learning new things

When you learn something new life, it’s always a gain and never a loss. Learning new things makes your brain strong and your skills better. Be it a language, or learning how to cook, learning to drive or just plain learning to be a good person; all it takes is a little effort and a happiness for a lifetime awaits you.

3. Learning Bicycle

This was fun! I fell, I got up. Fell, got up! He was always there to watch me get up. I am happy he didn’t give me hand and let me be independent. He still does the same. His words give me the strength and his presence keeps me going.

I remember those roads in my colony, 15 years back. I had a tough time learning bicycle. I smile when I think of those days, when he would push my bicycle for a while and then he was seen standing far away. I knew he was there and I kept paddling. I was really happy the day I learnt it J

4. How to take decisions and live with the consequences

If you are taking a decision, think through it. If taken, be ready to face the consequences. When you take a decision, it’s not just you who gets affected but atleast one more person who is close to you or associated with you for the same.

“Life is the sum of all your choices”. Make them wisely.

Papa has always said; Decision Making is the one of the most important characteristic of a person. It defines his/her personality. I agree.

5. Prioritise Health. Everything else comes later.
I come across this everyday. If you have good health, your life is in your hand. Who wants to live a pale and weak life? No one. My father is very strict about proper food and he wants me to follow a proper routine every time. I used to nag a lot but I feel I have become a good girl now :D

6. Never let money get in your head

Just like success, money can rot your life if you let it go in your head. Keep doing hard work, expect little and believe in yourself.

7. Appreciate what you have

Before you comment on what others have appreciate what you have. My father has never compared what he has with what his colleagues have. I have inculcated the same value over the years. I feel happy about what I have and my father always asks me to strive for what I can J

8. Take time, but do things right.

“Excellence is a habit, not an act. It takes practice and perseverance.”

No matter how long it takes you, do things right. It is better to try and try and do right rather than repenting on things done in haste.

9. Stay Organised.

If your room is clean, you feel serene. If you keep your things at right places, you will get them on time. Easy, right? My father loves when the house is organised. He says that; a room organised is a sign of an organised life. Free of clutter and agony, welcoming happiness…

10. Be Extraordinary!
Become a part of something bigger than yourself. Dream Big and work harder. When you are part of something special in life, life loves you back. You get all the more reasons to love your work and keep working. Never forget that everybody is unique and so is the work they do. You never know when your work makes a difference in somebody’s life.

These are just 10 of those many values my dad has inculcated in me and my siblings and continues to do. I love him for what his love and for his teachings. More than that, I respect him! Love you, Papa! <3

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