01 January 2013

ThBoxes International New Year Giveaway 2013

Wishing each and every person and their families a very Happy New Year :)
I hope you had a great 2012 and 2013 will only get better <3

I am back with another giveaway sponsored by ThBoxes. ThBoxes will gift any jewelry of your choice, worth $8. Merry? :D

Some of my Favorite Jewlery on ThBoxes:

You can buy it, Here

You can buy it Here

You can this Here

You can but it here

You can buy it here

There are many-many more such amazing Jewelry  you can buy on ThBoxes.

Coming on to the Giveaway :)
The Giveaway is INTERNATIONAL.

Read the guidelines before you enter this giveaway:

  • There is more than one winner, so ask your friends to participate too. More the participation, more the number of winners. Great? :D
  • All the rules mentioned in the Rafflecopter (below) are must (even a single one not done or faked, will disqualify your participation - take your time and fill it)
  • As mentioned in the Rafflecopter, you can pick any piece of jewelry of your choice and post the picture and its link on FB (or, blog) and tag ThBoxes and A Li'l of Everything.
  • Item chosen must be less or equal to the value of 8$.
  • Don't forget to tag ThBoxes and A Li'l of Everything, wherever asked.
  • In time of any query reg. the giveaway - you can shot me a mail on shrimali.m24@gmail.com [keep the subject line - Giveaway Query]
  • The Giveaway will run for a month and the winners be declared in a week later.
  • Those who 'liked' the sponsor before the Giveaway started, as said I have +2 entry for them already :)
Sounds cool? Below is the Rafflecopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Love <3
For a Lil' of Everything>> http://shrimalimegha246.blogspot.in/

Life is very tricky, lets play it with a lil' twist


sam_mom said...

ThBoxes indeed has very organized, easy-to-explore site. I liked almost every product, but the one that suits my style n personality is the
very classy, girlish :) looking forward to add into my wardrobe if given a chance to win this giveaway ;) (as it qualifies the condition of being less than equal to the value of 8$) :D

Shilpa Bindlish

Anonymous said...

lovely Giveaway :)

Disha Beohar said...

I <3 the whole collection of ThBoxes but i loved the most "New Womens Splice Casual Long Sleeve Round Neck T-Shirt S M L Trendy H27Z" http://www.thboxes.com/New-Womens-Splice-Casual-Long-Sleeve-Round-Neck-T-Shirt-S-M-L-Trendy-H27Z-52935

Its so stylish and unique.:)

Meenakshi Kapur said...

Very nice giveaway and I loved the wide range of all the products, browsed through the entire range of jewellery,clothes and I really loved the scarfs, the chiffon scarfs in multi- color, would love to own them and add in my closet!!!!
Would love to have this one in black color

floranceaga said...

great giveaway!
i loved http://www.thboxes.com/New-Luxury-Womens-Slim-Double-Breasted-Coat-Wool-Jacket-Winter-Outwear-H110Z-54172 in watermelon red!

GHUN JAIN said...


Vandana Choudhary said...

awesome giveaway,I have followed all the steps,wish to win

I liked all the products from this site but the product I liked the most is one button blazer suit http://www.thboxes.com/New-Women-s-One-Button-Blazer-Suit-Leopard-Lapel-Jacket-Coat-Tops-3-Colors-H20Z-52926 because this is so beautiful and stylish

Xristina Combra said...
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Xristina Combra said...

i love it <3

Morbid_Girl said...

I love the fact that the piece I've chosen is both girlie and rocking!

Megha Shrimali said...

Hey Morbid_Girl :)
You have to post this FB url in the Rafflecopter. What you have to comment here is - What makes you like ThBoxes + a product link from the website :)

ΚΑΤΕΡΙΝΑ said...

It's lovely and very special!!Super giveaway!!!
Have a happy new year!!

giota said...


zypsy said...

fell in love with the cool collection of THBoxes. all stuff is so exquisite that i felt spoilt for choice.I just fell in love with their watch section specially.....http://www.thboxes.com/Vintage-Lucite-Multicolor-Crystal-Stretch-Beads-Bangle-Watch-B1035K-49889 never seen such exquisite work on watches...just wow Shyla bhadwal

Stuti S said...

wao collection at thboxes :)
My Fav. of all: http://www.thboxes.com/Leisure-Women-Fashion-Hoodie-Coat-Comfortable-Jacket-Outerwear-Sweatshirt-H12Z-52919
Loved this hoodie!! B-)

antonella said...

i love this https://www.facebook.com/antonella.togato/posts/471340602928023
antonella togato

Prerana said...

Its a One-Stop Online Store where we find all our fashionable needs aswell as high quality gadgets too and they have free shipping too all over the world <3
they hav awsm collection . its too difficult to choose a single product.
My favrt product is - http://www.thboxes.com/Simulated-Sw-Crystal-Amazing-Fabric-Wide-Hairband-Accessories-Headband-A2278K-53202.
link to mu post : http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=133331420160614&l=86dab855f8

Ioana_Alinta said...

I love THBoxes jewelerys,because are very beautiful and cheap.I like very much this necklace http://www.thboxes.com/Carved-Floral-Huge-Vintage-Tibet-Silver-Nature-Turquoise-Necklace-Pendant-B2448K-52687,if I will win,I would definitely choose this as prize.

Bidisha Banerjee said...

I love THBoxes site because they have an awesome variety of unique and trendy jewellery, accessories and clothing. Their products are outstanding in terms of charm, fashion and style, yet are durable, great in quality and available at affordable prices. They meet the tastes and desires of all sections of people and our search for fashionable accessories and clothing ends at THBoxes. So, THBoxes is my favorite site.

My favorite jewellery from THBoxes is -

Huge Vintage Smoky Gold Plated GP Shine Diamante Floral Pendant Necklace A1223K


I love the unique design and floral shape of this pendant. I have never come across such an awesome jewellery. Would love to win it as my prize.

garima kumari said...

it is very nice giveaway .actually i like everything in this contest prizes ,all are so pretty that no girls wants to miss this chance to grab it
love it

garima kumari said...

this is my fav http://www.thboxes.com/Smoky-Vintage-Cluster-CZ-Chunky-Gold-Plated-GP-Huge-Pendant-Necklace-A2368K-53344 coz this combo of pendents cum ring that is special about The box and a li'l everything

Anonymous said...

hi there :) thanks a lot dear for organizing such a fun contest and introducing us to such an awesome site thboxes...from their site in jewellery section i liked VTG Leaf Smoky Gold Plated GP SW Crystal Gem Open Ended Bangle Bracelet A2074K
link-http://www.thboxes.com/VTG-Leaf-Smoky-Gold-Plated-GP-SW-Crystal-Gem-Open-Ended-Bangle-Bracelet-A2074K-52781 reason being its so beautiful and charmingly crafted..i fell in love with it since i saw it and now by god grace if got lucky would get it because of you..though my luck in giveaways is not such gr8 but still its worth a try..thanks again <3

devika singh said...

this is my fav http://www.thboxes.com/Smoky-Vintage-Cluster-CZ-Chunky-Gold-Plated-GP-Huge-Pendant-Necklace-A2368K-53344 .thank u The boxes and a li'l of everything giving a nice giveaway

emily morgan said...

great giveaway!
i loved http://www.thboxes.com/New-Luxury-Womens-Slim-Double-Breasted-Coat-Wool-Jacket-Winter-Outwear-H110Z-54172 in watermelon red!

nitasha gupta said...

i love this https://www.facebook.com/antonella.togato/posts/471340602928023
antonella togato

Iswarya laxmi said...

i love this http://www.thboxes.com/Retro-Copper-Vintage-Style-Mustache-Enamel-Beard-Whisker-Pendant-Necklace-B2613K-53372

kerry santillo said...

I love that its unique and suits my style :)

jody jamieson said...

i love thboxes as there is a variety to suit all its amazing stuff suited in all the diffrent needs we have its unique and style suit almost anyone just love thboxes.com.au

jody jamieson said...

i love the clothes that thboxes sells ive picked this top as one of my favourites
New Polo Neck Stripes Long Puff Sleeve Cotton Casual Tops Blouses T-Shirt H45Z


jody jamieson said...

i have to say this is the most beautiful necklace i have seen i just love this
Greece Totem Design VTG Smoky Gold Plated GP Amazing Pendant Necklace A2296K


Najm said...

Awesome giveaway Megha :)
Simply loved these Hot pink pumps from Theboxes website !

rhose_luv said...

Lovely giveaway...so in love with this Crochet Hat Ski Cap so cool & very stylish :)http://www.thboxes.com/Warm-Winter-Women-Beret-Braided-Baggy-Beanie-Crochet-Hat-Ski-Cap-Knitted-K05Z-52879

sania akbar said...

I like this bracelet:

Nikh Rokana said...

great giveaway.i liked this https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=360669900698035&set=pb.316133485151677.-2207520000.1359063191&type=3&theater

medoKartonski said...

Why I love thboxes.com ? Because it has wonderful stuff with low prices ... My favorite item is http://www.thboxes.com/New-Women-s-Casual-Fleece-Sweatpants-Straight-Sports-Harem-Hip-Hop-Pants-H51Z-52958

Anonymous said...

Reason that attracted me towards thboxes is their variety of designs and affordable prices...i personally never witnessed some thing so much affordable online but since i found thboxes.com now i can count on to this site for all my needs :)

anahita irani said...

super giveaway,..would love to win a prize,..done all the steps ,thank you

Heena Shah-Dhedhi said...

Thanks for the giveaway.... love this

garima kumari said...

hope to win