02 January 2013

Resolutions of a 10 year old :D

First, wishing all of you a very Happy New Year 2013! :D 
I have always been excited for a new year; a new beginning and celebrations. Who doesn't fancy a new year? So people are talking about what new resolutions you have this year, are you going to dis-continue/continue with the one in 2012 or simply why resolutions?

But all I am asking is, go back to the 10 year old YOU and think about your new year, party and the resolutions you had in your childhood. remember any? I do remember my resolutions 10-11 years back (seems funny to me, now) I also asked few of my friends about theirs. Do you remember when you were in school and would pray for more pocket money or for many more gifts in the next year to come? of course you did! isn't it? Haha, I surely did :p

Some of the resolutions which really fancies me even today -
1. I will study more

Directly proportional to - > better marks - > parents happy - > gifts/trips -> more playing time? 
As the new year would approach I would pray to god; Oh God! I will surely study for my exam this time, much more than I did last year, I promise.

2. I promise I won't bite my nails.

Oh this one is my favorite. I haven't swear by my no-nail-biting resolution even today. Me - "This new year I promise that I won't bite my nails". One week down and I am back to *bite* *bite* *bite*
haha! not that I hate long nails but.. ahh never mind.

3. I will eat less.

Pastries *gulp*
Pizzaaaaa *gulp*
hotel food *gulp*
chips and Ice creams *gulp*
I eat too much, from the next year I won't. I want to be like that girl with a perfect figure :P

4. I would exercise daily - I want to be slim and healthy

This resolution is everybody's favorite and not just of a 10 year old. Its not just new year but an every-alternate-day resolution. You see that roadside yummy food and there goes your diet resolution - shifted to - amm, next year?

5. I will listen to my parents

6. I will take care of my heart and that of the ones' who love me

This Resolution should be carefully followed and should be followed. Why? Because all it takes to be happy in life is to make someone else happy :)

Want to share your Childhood Resolution? Do comment in the comment box, below :)
Happy New Year everyone.

If you promise, keep it - either to yourself or to anyone.

Love <3