29 July 2012

Mumbai and Me : A Love Affair

I know I'm writing after a long time; college timings and loads of other work as well...
But somehow I got time today to share my Love Affair with the city I live in... Mumbai :)

Mumbai: My Love
A Love Affair: Mumbai and Me

In my earlier post (http://shrimalimegha246.blogspot.in/2012/05/rain-rain-come-again-d.html)
I talked about how badly I want Monsoon to drench Mumbai and now, when it is Raining, I couldn't stop myself from sharing my love for Mumbai <3
I am not a photographer who has an album in her laptop dedicated to Mumbai but I am a lover who has clicked each moment with Mumbai, saved in heart.

The Love Affair has been a splendid journey so far and now I better call it a Beautiful Relationship.
People are right in saying that Love just happens… When I came to Mumbai I was a little scared before falling in love but Mumbai ‘adopted’ me … and yes, Love happened.

Mumbai embraces everybody who comes here. I am not jealous about my love spreading love to all but that is what which makes me love, my love (Mumbai) even more.

The People, Local Trains, Marine Drive, Bandstand, Vada Pav, Street Shopping, Monsoons; phew! There is so much to fall in love with. :)
Mumbai Monsoon
Street Shopping
Shopping :D
Mumbai Locals (I cannot survive without them)
The Queen's Necklace: Marine Drive
Every relationship teaches you something in life. This 5 year relationship has taught me ‘Never to give up and keep looking for opportunities”. What if one train goes? The other comes if you learn to wait for a few minutes.
I remember the time when I used to complain and get frustrated about the never ending crowd but later I realised that I am one among them… I stopped complaining!
Mumbai is not just a city to me… but my home; where I reside, where I go back to after work…
… The love which is forever!

What do you love about Mumbai or your city?
Share your love in the comment section :)

(I shared these exact words with the TLF magazine for their contest, waiting for the results :D wish me luck! )


Mohit Prasad said...

24*7 running city..thats what makes me love MUMBAI :-)

A Lil' of Everything (: said...

Hi Mohit! :)
True that... The city which never sleeps!
Thank you for stopping by.

Falgun Shah said...

I m in relationship wid Mumbai with past 21 yrs. Believe me never had differences ;-)

A Lil' of Everything (: said...

@Falgun Shah..
I am glad! ;)
Thank you for stopping by!
Keep Reading :)