31 July 2012

Winner of the very 1st Giveaway (:

Thank You all of you for taking part in my Giveaway by Headline Shirts :)
and the Winner is Aarzoo Saiyad.


You have won yourself an awesome Headine Shirt worth 24$ :)

I am sending you a mail right away, reply me in 48 hours or else I will chose another Winner.

For other Lovely people, stay tuned for Lots of Reading and 2nd Giveaway real soon! :)

Have a lovely week guys! B-)
Thank you Headline Shirts for this opportunity!
Adios ^_^


Anonymous said...

Thank You So much :) :) :)
But I Haven't got any e-mail regarding it on my id aarzooz_18@yahoo.com

A Lil' of Everything (: said...

Hey Aarzoo! I mailed you on the id you provided. Anyways, i have mailed you again on this one :)
Reply soon!