20 July 2012

The One-sided Love

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I remember going to a men's barber with my father when i was a child. My mother did not let me grow my hairs (they were not healthy). I used to wear clips and hairbands and would love to have more each passing day as my love for long hairs grew day by day. Not that I was influenced by the fairy-tales and the princesses having really long golden thick locks but the the feeling of your hairs touching your shoulder and moving your fingers through them, well I wanted to live that!

Years went by and I reached secondary. Now my hairs were no more boy-cut but a bob-cut, still far from having a long pony tail or a cute braid. I hated oily hairs then and do now, too (who doesn't?) :D
The hatred was mutual, my hairs would never become strong and thick... Every time I would shampoo, the hairs would become soft and lovely... wish that time pauses!

Time moves on, I came to Mumbai. Hairs became lovely (for a change). Not that I would style them but I started loving my hairs. The one-sided love finally seems fading, sitting here running my fingers through my hairs, wishing for a True Love to happen soon; but NOT one-sided. and that is how I found an end to my hair problems, by falling in love with them...
longing for a True Love...with my Hairs
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