30 May 2012

Rain, Rain come again :D

The season is of Interviews, admissions and THE arrival of Rainy Season!
When I got up this morning, sky was studded with grey-ish clouds and cool breeze touched my bare hands. I felt a curve on my face and a delighted one; that monsoon are not far now :)

My younger brother and I have a bet now. He says Rains will hit Mumbai on 21st June and I say its gonna be 10th June. I hope I win; because:
1) I want Monsoon to come real soon
2) I don't want to play cricket cards if I lose! :P

Rainy Season has always been my favorite. There is some kind of happiness by getting drenched in the first rain; sit by the window, sip Masala tea with hot yummy Pakodas and listen to the soothing droplets! :) It makes me feel as if every rain drop washes away the gloominess all around us. It would be time to bring out my raincoat or looks like I am going to buy a new one. I don't remember where I kept the old one.

Oh wait! Is that sun hurling out of a cloud? No ways! :(
I am going out to check this, till then share with me your favorite Rain-Movie Sequence (Bollywood/Hollywood)! :)
Mine, is the evergreen romantic dance of Kajol-SRK from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai <3
(I have seen this movie 78 times till now :D)

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Neyha said...

I just sleep all day long when it's raining outside :D KKHH is my fav movie too! SRKFANFOREVER <3

Megha said...

Hey Neyha! :)
Sleeping in the cool breeze of Monsoon is a bliss for sure :D
now thats a mutual liking KKHH <3
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poojak said...

Hi Megha

i love rains too, hope you won the bet, enjoy rains

have a happy monsoon :)

Megha said...

Hey :) Yes I did win if we consider the pre-showers :D
Happy Monsoon to you too :)

Roshini Bhavnani said...

:) you right well...will keep a track of ur blog :)

A Lil' of Everything (: said...

Hi Roshini :)
Thanks for dropping by!
and thank you for such lovely words!