31 May 2012

Giveaways are Awesome-st! ;)

Hiii Pehpul :D
I had a reeally nice morning today when I received a lovely gift from Fashion Quotient ! :)
I had won a giveaway on this lovely blog and got my parcel today, properly wrapped in a bubble sheet!
Well this was my first ever parcel from Chattisgarh :D

My Sister wearing the Pink Glass Statement Ring
my gift! :)
Giveaways are real fun...and they are Awesome too. I am just waiting for my blog to be at that stage when I can host giveaways. Its good to give such pretty gifts, isn't it? :)
Its time for me to do some work, so why not you guys go and check out this giveaway on Sadee Style? well here is the link, rush for it, NOW :D
Click on the link http://www.sadeestyle.net/2012/05/giveaway-by-harvey-prince.html ..  
and you can win an awesome perfume :)
I will be back to catch up with you all, real soon :)