29 May 2012

Tell me about yourself !

Tell me about your 'Strengths'
Yes, I do have a life other than participating in Giveaways! :D
Few days back I happened to travel with a lady in her mid 30's. She was returning from an interview with an MNC and I was going for one. We got chatting and she told me how we have a "Personal Interview" at every stage of life! Soon her station came, I bid her adieu and got thinking about my personal experiences of
"Tell me about yourself"...

Stage.1. School Admission

So, first comes the time when a School Principal or teacher calls you for a chat before granting you admission.
I remember my first interview in school for admission in 1st std. The Principal asked me the color of a tiffin box (lunch box), lying on his table and then I remember myself reciting a poem. Well this was 1997, 15years back. Changed two schools after that and came in college.

Stage.2.College Admission
There was no Personal Interview (admission on the basis of merit). Generally, colleges do have Interviews. But for me, other than the famous Personal interview with the principal or a college faculty, the tete-a-tete was with the seniors. Oh Boy! That was fun. No Ragging, but a simple "Tell us about yourself" (and- sing, dance or act) ;)

Stage.3. Summer Internship
There came 2nd year and the mandatory Internship. I gave 3 Interviews including the place I finally landed up with. I got to know that when you go for your first Internship Interview, they are not very much concerned about what you do in your college and how much marks you scored but what you will do in college after completing the Internship. You should know how to convince them that you are the right candidate and their internship won't be just a work for you but a learning experience. Show them your college term projects, discuss your subjects and tell them how your knowledge can help their company.
Before getting the internship I was interviewed by the HR Manager, then the department head and then the boss of the department head, phew! Many questions, a presentation by me; the Interview was Fun!

Stage.4.Interview for Masters
I gave my first interview for masters last year. A memorable one. Now they are very much interested in what you did when you were in college; your projects, cultural activities, participation in College Festivals and your academic performance. Why do you want to do masters? Why our college? What are your future plans? etc. etc. Preserve all your projects, best of assignments and research work. Yes, take them with you in Interview. If there is a soft copy, put it on a CD. Pen-drives won't work here for the sheer fact that they don't have the whole day for your interview, other candidates are waiting outside for their chance. In that case, a CD works. I passed in the interview I gave for the exam which happened last year. The other Interview is next month. Wish me luck! :)

Stage.5.Interview for Job
Just for Laughs! ;)
Since I am done with graduation, other than applying for masters I am giving Interview for Jobs. 3, so far. Follow the terms what I mentioned for Internship. Beware, Do not mention about your interest in masters. To add, try and be more convincing.
(P.S- I have stopped giving Job Interview for the sheer doubt that what if I get admission in my dream college + get a job = what to do situation)

Moving on, I feel no one passes an interview. For that matter, no one fails it either.
The scissor gets a look at the paper and the paper get a feel of the scissor!
They already have your resume, know about your marks, achievements/awards. But still each one of them asks, "tell us about yourself"... you should be ready for this. Keep yourself in their place, think why they must have called you? what is there in you that you are sitting here?
For that, you must KNOW yourself. Your resume tells all but who you really are *wonders*

Tell them what makes you special (pl, no cliche answers), What is your USP; after all you are selling yourself.
Remember, do NOT bluff. An experienced Interviewer can easily spot a lie. They don't expect you to be an Albert Einstein, Kiran Bedi, Bill Gates or Rupert Murdoch; but they do expect you to be Honest :)

Never be NERVOUS! It shows on your face, go with a smile :)
Hold on, the lady I met in train told me about one more stage;
Stage.6.Interview with your prospective In-laws!
I am yet to experience this. Will get to know in a few years(s)(s) down the line :P Then, will share for sure :)

P.S-  "Tell me about yourself" and your stages! :D
do leave-in your comments! I would love them. :)


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