09 April 2012

Summer-Summer Everywhere :D

Summer Funn :)
For me today, It was an early morning indeed! (Okay, 8am is Early!!!). I woke up with a cool breeze on my face. My mother had opened my favourite window (favourite because of the ‘sunset’ view). And, so the morning breeze was unlike the Afternoons’. Mumbai is really-really hot these days…Every second person in local trains looks like a dacoit ready to attack, Dacoit look because of the scarf they hide their face into; ready to attack because well… they are always ready to fight errr…against each other (No prize for guessing! I am talking about the ladies compartment).
In one of my earlier posts "Funky Jewelry' I mentioned how fashion trend changes with seasons. This season its time to take out all your shorts, pastel colored clothes and lots of bead-ed Jewelry :D

The Sun, is playing games with every one of us… Scorching heat, burning skin, ‘chaandi’ of Juice wallas and afternoon crowd in malls. Some are waiting for their vacations, while others for their exams to get over (like, me), few others are ready to splash themselves in swimming pools (the name itself gives a sense of relief, isn’t it?) and many others are all set to indulge and attack on mangoes and ice-creams! *slurp*
So what is that one thing you Love about Summer? and Hate about Summer?

Is summer in your good-moments book?I asked a few people and got lovely summer-ly replies :D

Hate- sticky sweaty summer, cant go out for comfy shoppin or trekin etc :-( Love- pastel shades outfits i.e. agn chang in wardrobe, can wear fav shorts too :-) Can enjoy water park :P :D
- Stuti Shrimali
hate the fact that there are no Clouds in the sky during summer!
But the things which makes me love summer are: Mangoes and Ice-creams!
-  Gaurav Prabhu
Love: can drink Nimboo Paani and other summer drinks 
HATE: u have to take a shower once u step out of the house.
Love2: Pretty Faces wear pretty summer dresses.
Hate2: Pretty faces don't wear pretty winter dresses anymore...
- Ashwin Doke
Mangoes, vacations and all day sleeping!
- Linson Peter
hate: weather
love: cold coffee k liye kaafi reasons, long day.. so, i can hangout till 6-7. 
- Shivani Goyal

Love: the overflow of citrus food at home, and enjoying glassfuls sitting in the warm sun. Hate: Sweat and the stickiness after being in sun for too long. How we need to take bath EVERYDAY :P
- Geetashree Hazarika
One thing I love are the vacations and the thing I hate is the unbearably ridiculous heat! :X
- Aniket Tari
Much needed relief!
one thing i love about summer is the holidays where you can go out for long vacations and wear loose losse outfits which literally feels comfortable and 1 thing i hate about summer is the heat which now a days have became unbearable but having a nice thanda or cola makes feel better ! :)
- Priyanka Kalyanpur
mangoes i love, the heat i hate :P
- Srinath Madhavan

chilled gan-ne ka ras i love and heat is toh by default hai hate list me.
- Ashish Rawat
nothing can beat this!
One thing i love about summer : Garmi ke wajah se bahane milthe hai chutti lena ka ...!!
One thing i hate about summer : The heat kills me, spl travelling in train..!!
- Pritam Shah

According to me the best thing abt summer - in too much of cold in winter we keep telling ourself ki summer is cuming soon J And worst thing is - wen summer comes we say " hell no, winter was far better than this " :’(
- Naveen Somra

Well i hate summers totally bcoz of the hotness outside n inside the house... bt only one good thing im allowed to eat as many ice creams as i can.. winters mai thoda restrictions hota hai ice creams pe  hehe :P

- Renu Yadav
One thing that i love is Mangoes, One thing i hate is heat and sweat 
- Chintan Thakker
There are actually two things I love about summer one is my B'day and other is Arrival of God of Fruits MANGO. And the thing i hate about summer is that the Sun rises early and Sets late which ruins the day :P

- Dhwanik Bhatt
One thing i love abt summer is i get to spend lot of time wid my camera as vacs are on no projects and no lectures :D and one thing i hate is i get tanned ! ;)
- Kinjal Damani
I hate the weather and I love the shopping part.
- Inas Shaikh
Weather is bad and love shopping.
- Pooja Shah

I hate summer afternoons and I have to love summer evenings. There is no such special memory except a goa trip with my friends and boyfriend.- Aboli Gangrediwar The best thing about summer is the Summer Vacations! I don’t remember any memorable incident as such except the fact that my birthday is in summer!
- Kaushik Gogoi
1 thing i hate ofcourse is the stupid summer heat  what i love is summer brings brings with it holidays so complete rest and family tours! I remember Playing hide and seek with friends and when we used to hide and used to directly meet the next day to play :P

- Sanya Hamdani
Love summer because it’s the perfect time to meet friends and go out with them!Hate about summer: is its worst heat and sunburns.
- Bhakti Pandya
King of fruits! :)

Summer Camps have always been the best part of summers. Adventure, Jungle safari, Tribal life and tent camps constitute some of the best summer moments of my life. Mangoes, Jack fruits and day out at beaches while gorging on coconut milk are something I Love about Summer! Heaven-ish!
- Abhishek Satam
I hate everythng abt summer, on the contrary the thing i like abt it is, making an excuse of it, you can take your girlfriend or other 'gal'friends for a movie or some ccd/mall/kfc/retail outlet/ etc.
- Omkar Damle
One thing i love about summer even though its hot outside the relief i get after having an ice cream, cold splash of water, sleeping on the floor, having watermelon wid family after waking up (usually when dad cuts it for everyone :D), the summer vacations..you can play till 12 at nyt wid ur frnds on the cool grass...amazing summers are...!!!  I know i had to write one thing i love about it but just cudnt resist experiencing even the whole idea of it when i startd to think... :D the only thing i hate abt summers is the hot sun outside!! :)
- Meghna Mittal

one thing i hate... is the heat... and one thing i love... is summer vacations :D
- Hiba Khan
One thing i Hate is to get outdoors in the scorching heat even if it is of importance and the thing I Love is - Get to eat mangoes as its a season of mangoes :D one more thing i love is - it gives my school group a chance to meet together in the late evening and go on abike ride to have Falooda at our Favorite falooda spot  :D

- Nikhil Shardhara
Love nothing abt summer...bt surely hate the heat and dry hot breeze...
- Neha Ehitan
Best thing, Girls wear minimum clothes possible & I get to eat Golas almost everyday.Worst thing ? Need to say ? The Heat & Sweat of course. :D
- Jigal Bhanushali

So, do you love or hate summer?  Do leave your Summer-ly comments too! 

Happy Summer to all of you! :)


Stuti said...

love -- mangoes by default :)

ankur said...

Awsm..yar..dis tym its really eye catching..dhasu...nd for lovely SUMMER only one word ""DHAMAKA""

Megha Shrimali said...

@stuti... :) Yes!
btw, Keep reading :)

Megha said...

@Ankur... Thanks for reading :)
Yes the season really is a dhamaka! :D

linson said...

ha ha.. Yes it mks me lazy n lethargic too..
Only time when i ferociously bcum activ is at midnyt.. The cool wind outside the late nyt walk in it... Mks me relievedd...

Megha said...