24 April 2012

Can Love Happen Twice [Book Review]

In my earlier post, I asked you all about the things you love or hate to do in Summer. Well, there is this thing I love doing every season, Reading! :)
Continuing my habit of picking up random books and reading them, last week I read "Can Love Happen Twice?" by Ravinder Singh. Not that you have to fall in love the second time and explore the question; one Love is enough to understand the pangs of Love.
Can Love Happen Twice?
Said that, I completed the book in one sitting and found it - Lovely! A one time is a must for all those who love to read Love Stories (Though, I read it thrice for some awesome one-liners it inherits). The book is a sequel to "I too had a love story" by the same author (I haven't read the first one yet). I grabbed this book around 6pm and after all the distractions finished it by 3am, sobbing!
The story is an emotional roller coaster ride. Love holds different meaning for everyone who has lived this heavenly experience. Ravin (Ravinder, a character himself) says, "You don't always need a wild truck raging madly on the road to kill your love, the way it happened in my story. Most of the time, I have found that people themselves have killed their stories and call it break-up.
A perfect mix of emotions, blended with perfectly chosen words.

The Book, starting from a few excerpts of the last book. The story is about Ravin falling in love the second time and loosing it, too. Its about, how true love never knocks the door, the second time... Its about how in the end when it eventually does, it gives you a reason to smile with a tear in your eyes.
"Can Love Happen Twice?" tells about Ravin's life after his success as a novelist and a 'Valentines Day special'Radio show in Chandigarh, he and his friends are invited to. As listeners tune into the radio show, to their surprise Ravin doesn't turn up. The show apparently becomes the longest running Radio show when Amardeep, Happy and Manpreet (Ravin's Friends) read through Ravin's unfinished book. Listeners are left shocked, wanting to know more; what happened to Ravin later, where is he now, trying to find the answer whether Love knocked his door, the second time?

Some of my favourite lines from the story;
- I was wide awake in the real world while she was in her dream world of sleep, and that there was a gap between these two world (talk about the pangs of Long Distance Love)
- Wealth, Women and Wine can make anything happen in this world.
- ...as if life had suddenly been fueled back into me, as if it had rained again after a decade of drought.
- Alcohol makes people speak from their hearts.
- its good to see beauty in its purity, untouched.
- Where women are concerned, the unexpected is always expected.
- True Love is unconditional. And if it is a 'Conditions Apply' scenario, then it isn't True Love... :)
The story is definitely a page-turner. I feel, Love can/cannot happen twice. But, as they say... never stop looking for one. Stop looking at the door which is closed, because True Love sneaks in through the door you left open. It slips in quietly, if your hear bells get your ears checked :D

P.S - Thanks to my friend Kruti, for giving me this book :)
You all read the book too and share your views!


Anonymous said...

I have heard a lot of good reveiws about this book...this seems the time to grab one now as those fantastic lines looks promising enough for a good read!!

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Megha said...

Thank You! :)

Megha said...

The book is a promising one-read too! :)
thanks for dropping by!