03 January 2017

What do you want from your life?

I read an article last year which made me question myself in more than many ways. 

What do I want from my life? 

Is what I have in present should continue for the future? May be? I was not sure. We all want something or the other from our life. Be it a better job or a loving family, a healthy lifestyle, more money, good sex, happiness; all this seem quite ubiquitous as that article said. 

What is it in your life that you are ready to face pain for or are willing to struggle for? Now, that is a question one should ask themselves. We might want many a things in our lives but are we ready to give it all for those things? Everyone wants a well-paying job but how many are of us are ready to work through-it-all? Get things you wish for without any risk? Without any hardwork? Without any passion? Now, that is difficult. Quite impossible actually. I am sure you would not want to settle for; what if, may be, I wish, was that it, is there more; do we?

We all want a healthy relationship but are not ready to go through the emotional turmoil it might bring. We all wish for a healthy lifestyle but believe in sleeping a little more in our cosy little bed on a January morning. We all desire a family and time to spend with them but are reluctant to face them after a long day at work.

Now, am not asking you all to stress more, sit for more hours at work, sleep less or accept everything that comes by; but to work for things you want, let go off things or people or feelings that no longer bring you happiness, spend more time with your people who bring positivity, spend more time with family and not be that paying guest who only comes at night to sleep, tell your best friends you love them and mean it, take your siblings out and spend time with them, call your parents and talk, take out time from work and do things you like doing (it is okay if it pays you less or doesn’t pay at all).

I have found that working on things I love has made me like what I do otherwise. Things in life are looking for a balance, seek for it.

Because, the answer isn’t in what you want from your life but, what are you willing to give.

Best wishes for 2017!