06 November 2016

#LoveLingerie by Zivame [Giveaway]

Hello Beauties! I have no clue where this Sunday has gone. Like, gone with the wind. Gone in a swoosh. Haha, like literally gone. I am not really the kind of person who dreads Mondays but yeah, it kind of is boring because it comes after a nice weekend where I plan to do a lot of things but end up doing close to nothing. Story everywhere, isn't it?

Day before yesterday I got a wedding invite from one of my good friend. Few weeks prior to that, my best friend who stays in Pune told me that we have to attend a wedding here in November of her friend. To add on, one of my very good friend is getting married this month. Phew! It truly is the wedding and festive season. I love this season for 2 reasons - Food and the clothing one gets to wear! :D

When it comes to bridal trousseau OR wedding wear, it is really important that you wear what's comfortable. And what has to be the most comfortable of all is - Lingerie! A good lingerie makes one feel good & confident from the inside. Zivame (one of my favourites online to buy Lingerie) offers some amazing options; be it for Bridal wear or wedding season or casual/work wear, etc.

I did a detailed in & out on this section a while back - you can read it here.

Coming on to today's main agenda of writing this blog - a Zivame Giveaway! Yes, you read that right. 2 of you beauties shall win a gift voucher from Zivame to buy your favourite from the website. 

All you have to do is:

1. Go to www.zivame.com

2. Pick your favourite product and tell me in the comments section why you like it & why is Lingerie your closest friend?

3. For Brownie points, share this giveaway on your social media channels using the hashtag #LoveLingerie & Tag me!

That's it :)

The giveaway is open till 20th November 2016 and only to Indian residents.

Good Luck!