13 October 2016

Spend your Saturday with Baatli Co.& SOL #WeekendAlert

SOL – A Waldorf-inspired School in Goregaon East along with Baatli Co.- an upcycled art decor venture, are hosting an intensive glass bottle cutting-and-painting workshop on Saturday, October 15, 2016 for all the Mumbaikars! 

The workshop, being conducted before Diwali, will teach you how to re-use discarded alcohol bottles and convert them into beautiful hand-painted lamps and tea-light holders. Picture that in your mind and am sure it sounds amazing, right? If not, look at a few pictures below.

I personally feel that these bottles make up for a lovely decor piece in your own house or can be gifted to the dear and near ones' as a festive gift. 

SOL - A Waldorf-inspired school, encourages adults & teenagers to engage in meaningful work such as sweeping, cutting vegetables, or doing handwork crafts, bottle-cutting being one of them; which brings a sense of calmness to the space. The handwork crafts seem to possess an almost magical ability to settle participants, which is what the duo are hoping to achieve through this workshop.

Waldorf education is teaching based on universal, human principles, whatever the subject and an orderly education of Head, Heart and Hands is central to these principles.

Pradeep Yeragi, founder-parent of SOL - A Waldorf-inspired school with Ritika Varshney from Baatli Co. are looking at making this 2 hour intensive session as therapeutic as possible for the participants by teaching them various ways in which bottles can be cut and the different techniques that can be used to paint them. Indulging in art and craft will provide the participants an opportunity to relax, to feel a sense of accomplishment, to improve fine-motor skills, to develop a meaningful life-long hobby and to maintain an alert mind.

Baatli Co., conceptualised over a year ago is trying to re-define home decor through its unique, eco-friendly, affordable and customised products. Started in May 2015, Baatli Co., has been re-using discarded and used alcohol bottles and giving them a second life by turning them into beautiful bottle-lamps that are hand-painted and customised.

Do join in to experience calm in chaos!