20 October 2015

The Cricket that I miss!

*Ganguly’s retirement*


Sehwag is coming onto the field with his mate Gautam Gambhir. One of the finest opening pair team India has ever seen.

*Starts hitting sixes and fours*

Sehwag has scored a whopping 200! What a splendid innings this has been. 

This was in December 2011 against West Indies. Sehwag's performance led India to 418 for 5, their highest ODI total, and sealed victory in the five-match series.

Do you remember the 17 consecutive wins while chasing?

*Cuts to Yuvraj & Pathan not being selected for any tournament. Retirement of my favorite player ever, Rahul Dravid*

*Now: October 2015*

Zaheer Khan and Virender Sehwag have announced their retirement from the International cricket.

*Sadness beckons with umpteen questions on my mind*

The Cricket before IPL, the team, the zeal, the respect and love for the game; where is the Cricket I have always loved? 

Where is the Cricket I have grown up watching? 
Where are the lads I have always admired the game of?
Where is THAT team?

The Cricket that I miss and will always remember.