23 March 2015

Summer with Soulflower! #SummerSkinNeeds

Come summer & skin will need an all new regime to stay hydrated and fresh! The season of shorts, sandals, short-freckled hair, bronzed skin & long sips on Lemonades!

It is necessary to prevent your skin not just from the sun damage but also to keep it hydrated all the while. Using SPF sunscreen is not it. The skin should feel supple and fresh from inside. That’s where the natural bathing products comes to the rescue. I have used soap and aroma oils from Soulflower and their fragrance is divine! 

Why not try some of it & Restore the natural oils of your skin with refreshingly awesome products? 

Introducing summer giveaway for all of you!

Feel like a million bucks this summer by answering a really easy question & following a few steps!

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3. Answer this simple question, “What do you think your skin needs the most this summer?” Leave it as comment on this post / tweet.

4. Share this post on Facebook, Twitter or put it up on Instagram! (1 point to each!) Don't forget to tag both of us.

I will pick 3 winners! Do not forget to use the hashtag #SummerSkinNeeds to all your posts/answers. (1 winner, 1 product)

P.S: Follow these simple tips to keep your summer skin happy.

a. Stay hydrated. Drink as much water as you can and say no to aerated drinks.
b. Try and stay indoors between 12 noon to 3 pm, that’s when the sun rays are at their harmful best.
c. Use water based moisture.
d. Use an SPF 15 sunscreen or go for a sunblock.
d. Avoid oily food and say yes to fresh fruits and juices.
Trying these simple steps will help you beat the summer heat. :)
Winners will be announced on 2nd April 2015.