22 January 2014

JollyChic 100$ International Giveaway - Win CHIC clothing and more!

*The giveaway has CLOSED and the winner has been notified*

This month is extra special because exactly 2 years back I started blogging and have never looked back. After the first giveaway to celebrate this happiness, here I am with another to thank all of you for all the love and support!

I got in touch with the sweet people at JollyChic and they have agreed to giveaway free shopping worth 100$ to one of the lucky reader of my blog along with free shipping! Isn't it awesome? :D

I have been through their website a lot of times and have given my heart to not just one but many items!

About JollyChic
Jollychic.com provides popular garments for both individuals and wholesalers. They have a whole catalogue of products including tees, dresses, blouses, coats, sweaters, pants etc to offer.

I have put up a few of my picks below for you to go through. Savour your eyes and then, follow the rules to win free shopping worth 100$ with free shipping!

High Quality Deep V-Neck Rhinestone Tight Waist Long Formal Dress

Autumn Western Elegant Lace Montage Women Dress Pink White Deep 

Sexy Rhinestones Embellished Platform Super High Heels For Women  

and my favorite ...

They also have  handbags and accessories to dig in! Go ahead and check them out, now! But before that; follow the rules and enter the giveaway to #win FREE shopping worth 100$ with FREE Shipping WORLDWIDE :D
1) Register on jollychic, click here. (Mandatory)
2)  Like JollyChic's facebook page: www.facebook.com/JollyChicStyle (Mandatory)
3) Like A Li'l of Everything on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alilofeverythingblog (Mandatory) 
4) Leave a comment under this post with your favorite Jollychic item link! (Mandatory)
5) Follow this blog via GFC / Bloglovin (Mandatory)
6) Follow on Twitter, Instagram  and Pinterest for 6 extra entries. (2 each; if you have followed, mention the same in comments)
7) Tweet about the giveaway tagging @LeoAmore6 and @JollyChic! Don't forget to add giveaway link to the tweet.
8) If you love Photography; go and like this page too: https://www.facebook.com/GauravPrabhuFilms (added entry)
9) Share the giveaway on Facebook and set it as public inviting friends, good luck :)

The giveaway is on till the 7th February 2014 and is open WORLDWIDE!

All the best <3

The winner of this giveaway is - Nisha Ganatra.


Veena Vinyas said...

wow awesome giveaway..
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One of My fav item from Jollychic is http://www.jollychic.com/p/summer-pattern-short-sleeve-long-floral-dresses-g3282.html?lcid=newyear140103&key=1390333094

Awesome contest.. I am first to comment n participate her.. Hope to be lucky this time.. n fingers crossed so much..
Thanks for this,
Hope have done all the steps..

helloviellobits said...

facebook/GFC Name- Jen Sta. Ana-Lobitana

email used to register: jenesis.sta.ana@gmail.com

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Jollychic item: http://www.jollychic.com/p/western-long-sleeve-lace-pure-color-white-chiffon-dress-g8128.html

Yna Bronozo said...

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Shilpa Sahgal said...

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I cann't win kind of giveaway but I want .... hope win this time.
I also likd gaurve sir page.
Pls megha mam win ..me ... I really want to win for my self

Bhavani Sekar said...

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HemaThakur said...

Thanks 4 Lovely Giveaway :)

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My Fav item From Jollychic.com : http://www.jollychic.com/p/western-elegant-short-sleeve-embroidery-pretty-dresses-white-black-g3845.html?lcid=newyear140103&key=1390377988

Meena Mehta said...

Awesome giveaway

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My Fav item From Jollychic.com - http://www.jollychic.com/p/fall-scoop-collar-lace-embroidery-print-long-dresses-for-women-g18064.html
done all steps

Chari Perez Quiros said...

fb:chari perez
i love this:http://www.jollychic.com/p/hot-sale-high-quality-warm-thicken-detachable-inner-fleece-cotton-coat-army-g13652.html

Gurjeet Chhabra said...

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my favourite item-http://www.jollychic.com/p/winter-tight-waist-double-breasted-woolen-collar-coat-g12578.html

DIANA said...

enter me i love this http://www.jollychic.com/p/newly-bowknot-pure-color-high-heels-pumps-shoes-nude-g5263.html



Lourdu Mary said...

Completed all the mandatory entries.

Email registered with jollychic: lourdu_m@ymail.com

Facebook & Bloglovin name: Lourdu Mary

Favorite item from jollychic: http://www.jollychic.com/p/summer-newly-european-style-floral-organza-temperament-short-sleeved-dress-g3733.html

kamla parmar said...

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Sandy Boparai Meet said...

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Christina Swenson said...

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Sandy Monroe said...

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Alyson Climbon said...

enter me http://www.jollychic.com/p/newly-design-cow-leather-ladies-messenger-g11950.html
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Fabiana de Paula said...

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Cristina Popescu said...


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georgyaaa said...

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my favorite items:http://www.jollychic.com/p/newly-peep-toe-beading-bowknot-high-heel-wedding-shoes-g4981.html
thank you i want so muchhhhhhhhh win,but never no have luck NEVER :(

nataly carbonell said...

GFC: Nataly Carbonell

FB: Nataly Carbonell

love http://www.jollychic.com/p/fashion-half-sleeve-heart-print-belted-slim-dress-g21377.html

Bidisha Banerjee said...

My favorite JollyChic item is :

2013 Autumn Round Collar Lace Montage A-Line Dress Black : #QY13101729


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Done all steps and followed all pages.

Thanks for the lovely Giveaway.

Snehalata Jain said...

This is my favourite Jollychic item I found very differrent from what we get in india. This isjust perfect for mah sytle.;-)
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Samantha Tedesco said...

Favourite: http://www.jollychic.com/p/v-neck-style-short-sleeve-plus-sizes-dresses-g3157.html?lcid=newyear140103&key=1390774561

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Rabia Akhter said...

My favorite JollyChic item is
Graceful Suede Side Flower Shallow Platform Women Heels
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Josiane Gonçalves said...

My favorite JollyChic item is http://www.jollychic.com/p/stylish-style-summer-wedge-sandals-black-apricot-g1954.html

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