21 January 2014

Ital Veloce Body Mists - Epitome of Fragrance [Review]

Today I am reviewing 2 fragrances of Body Mists from “Ital Veloce”. Ital Veloce is a nature inspired body mists range for women crafted from the finest extracts of fruits. I received two fragrances namely; Kiwi Melon and Apple Cinnamon from Ital Veloce. I had no pre-conceived notions of body mists because have never used one; however always eyed on body from Victoria’s Secret. Quite expensive they are but these are not. Ital Veloce Body Mists comes in really good and pretty packaging. When you open the box; pretty bottles meet your eyes with a soft scent which is not overwhelming but spreads everywhere like Love.

Ital Veloce is pronounced as: I-Tal Veloshe. Veloce means Velocity, speed. Ital stands close to oneness of nature. Hence; Ital Veloce stands for standing close to nature in this fast paced life.


Let’s know them more:
1) It is vegetarian.
2) Completely nature inspired and 99% of the product is made from natural ingredients
3) do not test on animals and are cruelty free
4) the products have a moisturizing element too of which olive oil is an important ingredient. I hope you all know how beneficial olive to your skin is. It nourishes and clears the dead cells.
5) Currently they have launched in Mumbai, Pune & Chandigarh and are planning to spread on in other cities across India. But, fret not! For those from other cities they have an online store www.beautykafe.com

These are the 2 body mists that I have been using for quite a long time now; Kiwi Melon and Apple Cinnamon. Kiwi Melon is my favourite among these two, it’s a little stronger and that’s how I like my fragrances. When you spray these fragrances; they spray like colourless liquid. The pretty plastic bottles work like an EDT and have nozzles on top for spraying just the right amount.

Kiwi Melon
Spice up the neat & clean with some citrus.

If you love light & fresh fruity scents, this one is for you. Spritz our yummy fruity fragrance inspired by fresh New Zealand Kiwis, with nuances of juicy green melons and a tinge of olive oil adding intense moisture complex. This magical mist fragrances your body very fresh & actively. It’s the ultimate summer indulgence.

I am particularly in love with this mist for its citrus fragrance. 

The beautiful bottle is handy, travel-friendly, light and since it’s not glass. Hence, even If you drop the bottle don’t scream because this bottle won’t break.

  • After spraying it over your pulse points and a little on clothes; it leaves a strong fruity smell which softens over time becoming a fresh soft fragrance.
  • It lasts for 4-5 hours and after that you might want to spray again.

Seriously, I didn’t find any.

Fragnance Note:
Top: kiwi sorbet, lemon citrus
Heart: Frozen apple, cantelope
Base: Watery melon edible notes

Apple Cinnamon

Spray Delicious, Smell Delicious! 

Spray this glamorous body mist as you fragrance sparkling red apples with sprinkling spicey cinnamon and a crisp blend of olive oil at the base. It has a luscious scent which is tantalizing with a delicious sophisticated twist. The scent lasts a several hours keeping you fresh even after a long day of work.

If you like a mild fruity scent and hate strong fragrances; Apple Cinnamon is for you.

Fragrance Note:
Top: fruity cinnamon spice, muguet
Heart: ripe melon, crisp apple
Base: Skin musk, white aspen wood

Pros and Cons stand the same as Kiwi Melon.

These body mists are a value for money. 499/- INR for 210 ML is pretty decent and a catch! These fragrances are feminine, fun and edgy. So it’s not just work that you can carry these but also at home feeling bliss with your yourself.

Other fragrances available with Ital Veloce are:

Strawberry Champagne
Orange blossoms & Orchids
Lilac Vanilla
Apple Cinnamon
Kiwi Melon

Do visit their website to buy the fragrance you would love to carry: www.italveloce.com 
The beautiful people behind this are also available on Facebook and Twitter!

Do tell me in comments your views about using Body mists. Have you ever used one? What are your views about Ital Veloce? I am all ears, let's get chatting! xx


*PR sample; views are UNBIASED as always.