02 November 2013

Fragrances at home, round the year :)

It’s wonderful how fragrances can elevate your mood or take you places sitting at one. When that Gajar ka halwa and its serene sweet carrot smell reach your nose, I am sure you literally pounce on it to grab the delicious bite.

Round the year, fragrances lift our mood; if January brings Makarsankranti and Marigold; February is all about Love and the roses. One such fragrance I can think of right now is the one I am currently using at my place; The Godrej Aer Petal Crush Pink; its soft, as soft as cuddle and keeps the mood of my home “totally in love” round the year. It is an enchanting spell indeed.

There comes March and the fragrance of “Gunjiya” and the Holi colours.  The homemade mawa enriches your soul and fulfils the foodie heart of yours. The March is the summer month, the flowers which bloom in the sunshine and the smell of late night ice cream knocks your bedroom with siblings fighting for the large scoop is sure to be the one in your memory.

April reminds me of school, the new class, the new books, the smell of the papers; it simply lifts up my mood. The memories of first day in school, the school friends soak in my heart the way water does to sugar. May and June for me especially; go in want of Monsoon. I simply love Monsoon and the fragrance of wet soil holds a special place in my life. I used to love playing in the mud when I was a kid, the raindrops lifts my life like how you hold your dress against the air when all it wants is to flirt a little more.

July is my favourite month. It’s my birthday month. The fragrance of attaining a new age, looking forward to a bright future, looking forward to birthday presents, the flower bouquet refreshing your soul an kick-starting your day on a good note is the one to look forward to. August is the siblings month. At first when I didn’t have a brother I would tie Rakhi to my Father, but when 12 years back a super cute bundle of joy came home, I couldn't ask God for anything more. My sister and my life were on cloud nine and not just our mood. The fragrance of sweets and the gift/money little brother gifts us, I love it!

September, October and November; the months of festivals in India in full swing. The fragrance of new clothes, sweets, relatives coming home, the whole idea of celebrations and change in the air enthralls me. It’s like my life has got a new motive. Our house is filled with the fragrance of the new bottle of Godrej Aer I have got. I simply love it. The .

Then comes December and the house is all set to welcome a new year. The fragrance of chocolates from  my Christian friends, the fragrance of woolen clothes, oh my favourite! The winters, when my mother opens that box of woolen clothes, the fragrance is outstanding. I can’t even explain the mood I am in, even thinking about it :)

These are some of the fragrances which lifts up my mood round the year at my home sweet home. Go get a Godrej Aer Room Freshener, I bet – it will take you places too :) They have got a whole range of it to try.


Anita said...

Dear Megha, Fragrant Post indeed!
Here's my Liebster Award & Creative Blogger Award just for you & your awesome

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Megha Shrimali said...

Thank you so much Anita!
Sure, I will.


I love making my home smell good too! Specially the fall/winter scents of pine, apples, fresh baking etc!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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Megha Shrimali said...

That's amazing! Scent of fresh baking is love! :D