02 November 2013

5 tips to put the best foot forward during Festivals

Festivals keep coming back now and then, but there are certain things which needs to be taken care of every single time the festive ring, rings. Its not just about mopping that floor or getting the best delicacies served but there's more to festival preparation to change the festive air. Let us find out;

1) Home mood through fragrance - Everybody wants their house clean and dirt free. Start with adding a fresh fragrance to it. Nobody wants to enter a place which stinks and makes you look for your hanky or use your hands on your nose. Let the guests come in and feel the freshness in the air. #ChangeTheAir this time and feel the difference!

2) Home Decor - As discussed in my last post, home decor needs to be taken care of while preparing for a festival. One needs to be conscious about not using too bright or too dark colors during festivals. Each festival asks for a change in the festive air, experimenting with different colors or what goes right with the festival ambiance is a priority.

3) Food - double check the menu and see to it that you include good portions of Veg, Non Veg and Deserts, so that no last minute crisis occurs. Guests will remember you for your hospitality & food that you served. The festivals come and go by, it's the memories which stay forever.

4) Check the society rules for Music and Noise levels. You don't want your festival party to be interrupted by neighbors or for that matter local police patrolling at night. If you are planning to burst crackers this Diwali, think of the poor animals and the small kids & seniors who are the most effected section of living being by noise pollution generated by crackers esp during Diwali. Enjoy, be safe and be eco-friendly.

5) Last but not the least, Festival Rituals. Festival celebration dates back to the very beginning of human race and following rituals is not just a plain act but of deep significance to the mankind. It keeps one rooted to their traditions and the younger generation known with their culture. It is important for all of us to adhere by the rituals to enjoy the festival at its best!

I hope the 5 tips helps you in someway. Have an amazing festival spree! :D

Happy Diwali to all :)


Shivi@COSMOCHICS said...

Lovely tips! Each of the tip is so imp:)

Megha Shrimali said...

Thanks a lot Shivi :) I agree.
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