20 October 2013

The Indian festivities & change in the air of celebrations

The one thing I love most about India is the innumerable festivals we celebrate here. The festive celebration is woven with the threads of culture, heritage, traditions and rituals storing the fragrance of different religions and region. Every year is like a change in the air of celebrations #ChangeTheAir when a multi-fragrant basket bursts out in different times at different corners of the world. The fairs and festivals are celebrated with equal enthusiasm around the nation. 

I have often believed that fragrance takes you to memories. Like, fragrance of wet soil reminds me of Monsoons, Godrej Aer Fresh Lush Green reminds me of long walks in the grass garden I had in my school. The other day my mother made some Gulab Jamun and how much my heart ached to go back to those festivals when I go slurp on them :D not to forget the meethi chashni ki mehak :) #Heaven

And it’s not just me who associates festival to fragrances, but my colleagues too. Office being the best place to know about different festivals; we all are in for a treat. From Kerala to Punjab, Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat, there’s a mix of all.

If fragrance of Cinnamon during Christmas fills your home with deliciousness, the Flowers and Thaal full of Mithai during Diwali & light fragrance of Diyas are enough to immerse myself in the festivals of lights.

 Jasmine takes you to the land of Kerala and the month of Onam when the beautiful ladies adorn themselves with Jasmine Garlands, the table is set with the yummy Sambhar & fragrance of curry leaves reaching your hearts & that huge flower Rangoli. I remember one Onam, amazing memory. My new Godrej Aer Petal crush Pink takes me to it :)

Woody with an underlying fragrance of Caramel in Sesame seeds must remind you of Revdi and Gajak during Lohri. The smell of Jaggery and Neem Flower should take you to Andhra, the festival of Ugadi and Pachadi (chutney).

During Eid, the Mohammad Ali Road will make you stop with the immense smell of Eid delicacies. Indian festivals are indeed associated to fragrances; celebrate the change in air with every occasion.

Do you know a fragrance which takes you back to a celebration? If not, its time to Change the Air of Celebrations :)


Stuti Shrimali said...

good one... :)

Ritika Jain said...

so true and apt, espl at this point of year! :)

Ann Marie De Souza said...

those sweets look amazing...
such a spot on article,,there are so many sounds, smells and colours that you can associate with an event. Celebrations are Fun!