23 October 2013

5 days of amazing Diwali #ChangeTheAir

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Diyas, crackers, unlimited Mithai, Homes bejeweled with numerous beautiful lights; this is Diwali - my favourite festival of all :) 
Diwali is referred to as the festival of lights. During this festival, prayers are offered to the goddess of wealth and prosperity - Lakshmi. As soon as the Dusshera week is over, begins the saaf-safai of my house. I am the in charge of my house cleaning, windows are cleaned, furniture  each corner of the walls; it’s said that Goddess Lakshmi comes only to those homes which are clean and devoid of any evil or bad things.
Day – 1- Dhan Teras
Do you want that pocket money to never stop coming to you? Worship your money then. Dhan Teras is celebrated to worship money and wealth. This day holds special significance for the businessmen as they buy precious metals like Gold and Silver as customary this day. People usually buy a gold/silver coin and keep it in front of Lakshmi idol during Diwali.

Day – 2- Govardhan Pooja
I have seen celebrations for this day at my Nani’s place long back. It is marked as the day when Krishna defeated Indra. The pooja is celebrated with great zeal. Mountains are made using cow dung and worshipped as a symbol of Govardhan Parvat which Lord Krishna lifted once. Back in my hometown we worship cows on this day.

Day – 3- Choti Diwali

Crackers come home and big boxes of Mithai have made entry at our home. Since a few years we are not bursting any rockets or bombs, but we do have Fuljhadi (Sparklers) and Flower Pots to mark traditions. 5 Diyas are lit and placed in Pooja room, one near a drainage pipe to draw away the evil from home, 1 outside the main door, 1 near a Tulsi plant and the 5th one under the Peepal Tree. Back in Lucknow, we have “Mitti k Ganesha and Lakshmi” made, and placed in Pooja. Loads of flowers & fragrances fill our home.

Day – 4- Badi Diwali

Burst loads of crackers, have a lavish breakfast with family & a grand pooja in evening. Perfume is sprayed in all the corners to #ChangeTheAir of celebrations. The house is cleaned, esp. the pooja room - Rangoli is made :)

After the Lakshmi Pooja, sweets are sent over to the neighbours and elders give gifts/money to the kids at home. 16 diyas are lit up and placed in every possible corner of the house. Not even a single corner is left in darkness on this night :) after an amazing dinner, we are all out to burst crackers!

Day – 5- Bhai Dooj

Maa narates all of us a traditional old story about Bhai Dooj, followed by Brother ka tika and gift exchanging spree :D followed by an amazing breakfast *slurp*

It is said that on this day, a brother should have food at his sister’s place on this day and both of them should go for a dip in Ganga. It’s a festival of Brothers and sisters and the sisters ensure that brothers are not left empty handed or empty stomachs from their homes.

The amazing 5 days of Diwali at my place is a lot like what I wrote above, like it? :D what about yours? Do share! 


Ace Biker said...

festive season!!

Megha Shrimali said...

Definitely! :)