27 October 2013

Change the Air - Celebrate Freshness this Diwali

Bring home freshness like that of flowers this Diwali with Godrej Aer

If house cleaning and revamp on a weekend takes away your sleep and requires energy, Diwali cleaning starts weeks before and can take away a lot more than just hours of sleep. Cleanliness is an important aspect of any Indian festival. Diwali is round the corner and this festival of lights is grand when people not just paint their walls but polish their furniture too.

People decorate their house with lights and decor items like Lanterns to welcome Goddess Lakshmi. According to traditions and Mythology, Goddess Lakshmi enters only a clean and tidy house. So weeks before Diwali people start cleaning their house religiously and vigorously. I can vouch for this as the same happens at my house and I feel like a servant those days, moving around with a broomstick in hand and cloth on my shoulder.

The weapons of cleanliness
Let me give you some tips to #ChangeTheAir this Diwali and bring some freshness to your life.
1) Get rid of old clothes - This is the most tedious and time eating work, cleaning wardrobe. One should get rid of as many old and torn clothes as they can. Make space for new, let your wardrobe breath a fresh lease of life. One shouldn't get attached with old clothes and keep revamping. It not just gives you a new angle to life but also by cleaning your wardrobe, you get rid of old and welcome the newness. Once you clean your wardrobe, spray Godrej Aer room freshner -  Petal Crush Pink, it will give a smooth and soft feel to you.

2) Kitchen cleaning - Agree that you clean your utensils daily, the slab and even the kitchen floor. Give cleaning some extra love before Diwali. Clean the gas stove, Slab, Windows, Exhaust fan, cupboards, divide the work in days or among the family members and let the kitchen shine like a diamond, after all the basic amenity of festivals live inside the kitchen - the festive food *slurp*

3) Windows and Grills - Cleaning glass windows is a pain, hands down! Always clean the window using little water and no cloth but use newspaper. The windows will be cleaned better and newspaper won't even leave any mark on the glass. If you want to enjoy the crackers up in the air sitting at home through your window, you got to clean them!

4) Reach heights and clean the fans and the lights - Always clean lights and fans with a dry cloth to avoid electric shock or short circuit. It is necessary to clean fans to keep their speed intact and the air clean inside the house. Cleaning tube lights and bulbs from time to time ensure that they remain bright. Don't forget, light is the most important factor during Diwali, after Sweets off course :D

5) Sofa and Curtains - When the guests come home they head to one place - Sofa. Get it cleaned and properly dusted. See to it that they are comfortable to sit on and not dust is visible. Get a new sheet to put on it & change cushion covers. When it comes to curtains, we all know that they attract the most amount of dust from the windows. To ensure that they remain clean, dust them regularly atleast till the Diwali day. Get them washed and pressed once so that they revive the old shine.

6) Balcony/Terrace - When you go out in your terrace or balcony to put Diyas or candles on Diwali night, don't feel bad if you can't step out because its too dirty to do so. Keep the floor of the balcony clean and tidy. These days due to a lot of construction and pollution in the city, Balconies and terrace occupy a lot of dust and dirt, hence they should be cleaned with water and soap atleast every weekend. Spray some "Godrej Fresh Lush Green", Godrej Aer Freshner , and get that feeling of garden in your balcony.

If you think I have left a point which needs a lot of cleaning at home, do point out and leave in your comments :) Let's have a clean and safe Diwali this year, change the air and Happy Diwali!!! :D
This post is for #ChangeTheAir with Godrej Aer.