20 January 2013

Indulge in the magic of Jewelry with Aastha Jain

Indulge yourself in the magic of Jewelry with Aastha Jain - Innovative Jewelry. They tap on the right note: Magic! When you wear that neck-piece around your neck, adore that bracelet on your wrist, when the earrings speaks for the twinkle in your eyes and the ring signifies the joy in your heart - There is a magic! The Magic of beautiful - YOU and the magic of beautiful Jewelry under one roof - Aastha Jain - Innovative Jewelry.

About Aastha Jain -
Designer Aastha Jain is an awarded designer. She is an English graduate with masters in Journalism. She has done various Jewelry courses from around the world acclaimed jewelry institutes like Central Saint Martins - London, Alchimia - Italy, Art Fuji - Florence.

She started her Innovative Jewelry shop in 2006 (online) and is catering to all the jewelry lovers since then. Aastha Jain - Innovative Jewelry - is one of the oldest online shop with a presence on Facebook. Beautiful collection and exclusive designs.  There is a lot to look forward to on her Page this year - Contest coming up, Website is in progress, tie-ups with new vendors and lots more.

I came across her Facebook page last year and happen to see some really good rings. Every piece is crafted with love and exclusivity. You won't find the same piece in any other shop as far as  I feel. I won a Fabulous Ring in her FREE RING GIVEAWAY CONTEST 3 held on November 19, 2012. This cocktail ring is made in sterling silver, dipped in 18k gold with peach flower. I Love this Ring!

Aastha Jain not only has innovative Jewelry but packing too. My Ring came in a beautiful grey colored box packed safely.

My Favorites from her collection -

Picture speaks for itself, don't you think?
A gorgeous ring with an attitude
crafted in sterling silver, dipped in 18k yellow gold
Code- ASD 556
To Buy - mail at aastha.jain@hotmail.com with code

Pearls of Wisdom
super fun ring crafted in sterling silver, with 18k gold polish and pearls
Code- ASD 660
To Buy - mail at aastha.jain@hotmail.com with code

Pretty in pink
Lovely pink glass necklace in sterling silver
Code- Asd 620
mail at aastha.jain@hotmail.com to place an order

Rocking Wire Ring in Sterling Silver, with 18 k gold polish
Status- In Stock
Code- ASD 701
To Buy - mail at aastha.jain@hotmail.com with code

Beautiful green drusy Ring
set in sterling silver18k gold polish and white pearls
Status- Ready
Code- ASD 703
To Buy - mail at aastha.jain@hotmail.com with code

There is a lot more to add to your Jewelry collection at Aastha Jain - Innovative Jewlery.
Buy a ring for your loved one from Aastha Innovative Jewelry and it will be worth it.
You can browse for her collection on: Aastha Jain - Innovative Jewlery
For any queries or placing an order; mail at aastha.jain@hotmail.com

Happy Shopping!
Keep the Shopping Maniac inside you, intact!
Love <3

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