22 January 2013

Backpack to Heaven

Not that I am fond of dying but this thought has always fascinated me, "you come in this world empty handed and you go the same." What if one fine day you get a proclamation from god (if he exists) that you can take 5 things to heaven with you? I want to be prepared for one such day. Apart from the basic water and food I need 5 more things in heaven with me.

My backpack to heaven :D

1. My Android with 24*7 internet connectivity, may be a WiFi for that matter would do just fine. I need to Skype my family and friends every day and tell them I am gonna haunt them forever!
2. My wardrobe - I can't spend my spirit life in just one same old clothing. Moreover, I died in that cloth - making my point all the more strong.

3. My Books and Novels - I may get tired of soul searching or haunting people. My novels will come handy in that case right?

4. A Camera - I want to preserve my stay as a spirit in heaven. I have always wanted to click pictures with those clouds and people with crown and wish granting powers (god).

5. One Mumbai Local - They are my life apart from being Mumbai's Lifeline. I may get tired of flying in sky no?

This holiday I will pack my bag and probably add 2-3 things more. God! I totally forgot about my accessories collection. Its important I write down all this and keep the list safely, isn't it?
Till then, tada!

What's in your Backpack to Heaven? Leave in those lovely comments fellas! :)
Love <3


Raaga said...

lol :P Loved d post Megha :D I will need my ipod with unlimited capacity and be able to download latest songs,novels,90s cartoons and yes laptop with wifi :P

Megha Shrimali said...

I am glad!
ipod, yes! pack it ;)
Thank you for stopping by!