20 March 2018

Whirlpool’s Haute Kitchen - now in Pune!

Don't you think that, with new culinary techniques of modern cuisine, cooking these days is more fashionable than ever? In addition to how the food is presented, we are now increasingly aware of what is delectable yet easy and faster to cook.

With more and more number of foodies out there, it is no wonder people love spending time in their kitchen. However, space constraints or limitations in the kitchen can indeed be frustrating when the meal you plan to prepare calls for meticulous and quick actions.

So all you folks who love cooking and are looking to add a touch of quality, perfection and class to your kitchen, be all ears!

Whirlpool of India launches its exclusive Built-in experimental centre ‘Whirlpool’s Haute Kitchen’ in Pune in association with Maharashtra Electronics Corporation in Dorabjee Heritage Mall.

I got a chance to attend the inaugural ceremony this month which was graced by this real heart-throb in the cooking industry- celebrity MasterChef Kunal Kapur!

Mr. Kapur chose a recipe that’s loved by many of us and is commonly found in all Indian households. 

Discussing the advantages of built-in kitchen appliances and giving the attendees an opportunity to interact with him, he began demonstrating his impressive cooking skills with the Whirlpool’s smart Ovens.

He prepared baked “Tinde ki Sabji” by using Whirlpool’s Built-in Oven and Steam Ovens that were equipped with 6th Sense Technology which controls the cooking process of the dishes by maintaining the temperature and time, and producing the right amount of steam that is required for ideal cooking.

While most of the young ladies and other women voluntarily chose to help him, he also engaged kids in cooking by offering them some smaller tasks.

All the gourmands present there were offered plenty to whet their palates, with soup, dessert, cutlets, samosas, coffee and champagne too ;). After 20 mins, the dish was ready which he then garnished and offered people to taste.

Tinde di Sabji by Master Chef Kunal Kapoor
It indeed was a perfect blend of the unmatchable culinary skills of Kunal Kapur and the world class technology by Whirlpool. I then took the opportunity to try out the state of the art European appliances and was left impressed!

If you too are looking to add a touch of style to your kitchen and take your cooking experience to the next level, go ahead and pre-book the live demonstration at the store. These easy to use appliances will not only make your cooking a pleasure but also increase your cooking efficiency!

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