01 February 2017

How to make a Harry Potter Magic Wand?

Hello everyone! It's the onset of February, oh how love this month, always brings something new and better :)

Last week was my sister's birthday and apart from all the gifts that she usually gets from her friends and family, I always make sure that she gets something which stands out from the lot! This year, I gifted her a Harry Potter Magic Wand. Not just my sister, but my younger brother is also a fan of Harry Potter and if time permits, they watch the movies ALL the freaking time.

Here's a glimpse to the wand

Want it for your loved one? Here's how to!

My college friend Kruti has a Wand Making Workshop in Mulund West, Mumbai this Saturday. Contact here HERE for all the details. The workshop includes a General and Elder Wand at the minimal fee of 1100/- INR and the workshop lasts for 4 hours.

Go for it! :)