28 August 2016

Hair Care tips I swear by + Oriflame Giveaway

Hey friends! It has been quite a tiring month and I cannot wait to move to September. Hair fall has risen and I can see the age is getting on me, don’t you think? Frizz never goes away and the problems stay… a major reason for the same being the Monsoon. So how do I make sure that the mane is happy and the life seems better?

  1. Wash hair twice a week: Let’s count Sunday and a Wednesday as two, I make sure that my hair is washed twice a week. If you have got them drenched in rain, make sure you wash them to avoid itchiness and hair loss.
  2. When outdoors, cover: Always carry an umbrella, raincoat with a cap or simply a scarf.
  3. Lukewarm water is what you need: Not too cold, and not too or. Hot water leads to hair fall and makes it brittle!
  4. Do not comb wet hair or tie them: Be it summer or rains, do not comb wet hair. It makes them weak and leaves with broken n strands. Leave them open to brittle and lifeless hair away.
  5. Dry them well: Drying your hair properly and not going overboard with the hairdryer is the key. Be gentle and use your towel to dry from the scale to the ends. Do not tie up the towel on your hair for long.
  6. Oiling: Oil you hair once a week do it right. Too much oil on the hair doesn’t mean good hair. Use optimum amount and try to lukewarm it before using.
  7. Use the right shampoo and conditioner: Use one which is gentle on the hair an. Check your hair type and go for what suits it. Avoid too much conditioner or it may make them look flat.
  8. Go for a hair spa: Pampering sessions for you and your hair will leave you feeling rejuvenated. Once in 3 months, is what I suggest!
No colouring, too many hair products, styling, etc. can ruin your hair more during monsoon. Go for a short haircut and keep them clean. 

A secret tip to keep the dandruff away: Use Aloe Vera gel on your scalp. Do not buy the product from the market but grow a plant in your garden and apply the natural gel. Rub it on the scalp, keep it on for 30 minutes and wash it off with first, normal water and second, clean with shampoo and conditioner.

Coming onto celebrating the last weekend of this month and an almost goodbye to Monsoon, here’s an Oriflame giveaway for you all!

You can win this Hair Restore Therapy Kit by following these simple steps:
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Go on, participate. The contest is open until 15th September! Good luck <3

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