24 June 2016

Roadmap to Fitness from Limeroad!

Hi friends! I am back with another blog. Must say, in this corporate job and erratic lifestyle, blogging is the only excuse to sanity... apart from my umpteen travel plans and the urge to shed the unwanted weight surrounding my belly and arms. 

There’s so much going on in life these days that taking out time for dancing or joining a gym looks far away. But, that doesn’t mean one cannot take some baby steps to a better life. Wouldn’t you agree?

This is my road map and god forbids if I abide by it, my old dresses shall fit me again. Fingers crossed.

See if it helps you too :)
  • Drinking lukewarm water every morning before eating anything
I have been following this for about more than a week now (diligently!) thanks to my mom. You can add lemon and honey to this if plain water is not your thing. It is said to cleanse your digestive system, leads to better bowel movements and gives you a glowing and clearer skin. Now who doesn’t want all this?

  • Get your body checked
You need to be sure of what’s causing your body to be ill often, weight gain (if any), fatigue, etc. I resorted to a blood check-up last weekend from Thyrocare. Reasons, plenty!
  1. My weight was increasing at a rapid speed
  2. Weight gain led to lesser stamina
  3. More exhaustion
The Thyrocare service was well affordable, at-home service at my convenience and hassle-free. I will be doing a separate blog on my experience with them in the coming week :)

  • Get yourself some shoe-spiration
For me, a little shopping helped! They say; feet take you around the world. It takes you back and forth, keeps you upright. Makes you dance, walk, run, do many things in life! What I wanted for them was a comfortable piece of support for running over the weekends (well, these are the only 2 days I can afford; rest of them am running to work).

It is so easy to shop on Limeroad. I bought myself these canavs shoes last month and it has been giving me major inspiration to run for my health.

How to shop from Limeroad:
  1. Go to www.limeroad.com
  2. Look for the category you want to shop from – they have so many of them! 
  3. Add it to your cart and done.

Priced now at 499 INR, it is a great deal!

The process is hassle free, product reaches you in time, everything is affordable, in so many styles and designs; be it shoes, bags, clothing, home décor or jewellery. 

Why do I love these shoes?
  1. Extremely light
  2. Flexible and
  3. Breathable
Note: They are not water friendly, so am going to use them only indoors.

Last weekend, sister and I did a little look-book for it, check out!

Shoes: Limeroad
Track Pants: Puma
Top: Borrowed from sister

Add it to your wishlist, right now! ;)

  • Eat and Drink right
Well, I keep myself away from Tea and Coffee. Tea happens over the weekends with family, once a day and coffee… once a month? So, caffeine is out. No alcohol! I have resorted to ordering a glass of lime juice (mixed – don’t go for sweet only) when my friends/colleagues order any aerated drink or alcohol. Lime Juice/Water (without soda) is fresh, makes you feel at calm, and cleanses your body.

Am off cheese for some time. For people who know me personally, know how much I LOVE pizza. From eating Pizza about every fortnight, I do that once a month. If I go out, I make sure that my order contains no cheese. Somehow I feel my diet outside (my job makes me do this) has given this excess body weight which I completely hate (well, that rhymed).

  • Dance
I walk about 30 minutes every day plus make sure that my body dances for about 15 minutes every morning after getting up or before sleeping at night. Either ways, it is a blessing. If mornings, dancing makes you feel light and more composed during the day. You feel more energetic and concentrated towards your work. If at night, expect a good night’s sleep!

  • Keep smiling and keep the stress away
Make sure you go out with friends often. Spend time with family and laugh, enjoy every moment as much as you can. Taking office work home, not getting enough sleep, crying to bed, arguing, anger, fights, they all lead to stress. And you do not want that. Stress not just shows on your face and makes it age faster but it also affects your body in a bad way.

These are some of the small changes that I have added to my routine and have promised myself to keep doing as long as I can. After all, all those old dresses are waiting in the closet to come out some day and enjoy the Mumbai monsoon!

Until we meet again,
Keep Travelling

Look-book photography courtesy: Stuti Shrimali