12 June 2016

Oriflame Sun Zone UV Protector

Summers can be torturous. Especially with an unbearable sunlight hitting your delicate skin. No matter how many layers of clothes, shades or umbrella you move around with, the sun can damage your skin bad.

I for one swear by my sunblock because a lot of sunscreen did not live upto my expectations. A week back, I started using the 'Oriflame Sun Zone UV Protector Face and Exposed Areas SPF 50 High' only for the sole reason to try it out!

What does the Product claims?
It protects skin against skin damage, premature ageing and appearances of sun induced pigment spots. High level of sun protection has been specially developed for delicate or fair skin.

How to use?
  • Apply sunscreen generously 30 minutes before sun exposure
  • Re-apply after every 2 hours (if you are going to stay in the sun)
  • Reapply after sweating, swimming and towelling.

Packed in a light white coloured tube, the sunscreen is priced at 799/- INR for a 50 ml. Dermatological tested, I have used this product for over a week to give this review to you all.

The first thing everyone notices about a cream is its fragrance and this product has a peculiar one. It is mild and not overwhelming like other creams. It stays on for a few minutes and is gone the next. The consistency is not creamy but a little runny at times. Suggest you to go easy while pressing and only take a small amount as that would be sufficient for the face.

The cream is non-greasy and doesn't leave any white patch behind. I had a problem with several creams doing that and completely hated it. A moisturiser in itself, this doesn't require a base or coat. Having said that, I feel the cream is not for the people with oily skin. If you have a dry or combination type, this one's your pick.

The Plus:
  • UVA/UVB Filters - UVA and UVB are two radiations which harm the skin the most and this cream offers a filter to prevent both
  • Helps soothe and moisturise skin
  • Is Water Resistant 
  • Non-greasy and patchy
  • SPF 50
  • Fast absorbing

The Minus:
  • Priced a little on the higher side
  • Not for oily skin

Have you used the product? If not, try it and tell me how it fairs!