19 May 2016

Great taste has got a new name

Summer is at its height and with this month turning out to be the hottest, we all need a chilled fruity solution.

The brand TWISS (tried for the first time) has launched its sparkling fruit juice in India and is available in four variants:
  • Apple with a twist of Black Currant; 
  • Mango with a twist of Lime; 
  • Lemon with a twist of Mint and 
  • Passion fruit with a twist of Orange.

TWISS Drinks contains real fruit juice offering a unique blend of complementing fruits/herbs to enhance the thirst quenching experience with fun and adventure. Free of sweeteners and artificial colours, you can grab one to sip on without any second thoughts.

 The packaging is bright and sturdy, easy to carry on a hot summer day to work or play. I am not really an aerated drink fan but these sparkling juices are different with the right proportion of juice and flavours delivering a burst of the fruit flavours on the tongue and giving it a great taste.

 Being a Mojito lover, lemon with a twist of mint is my favourite of the lot, followed by Mango and lime. TWISS drinks are priced at Rs. 40/- for a 250 ml can and are your best bet this season for a time-out from this unbearable heat.

Try and don't forget to tell me how you find it! :)

Until then,
Keep wander-lusting!