02 August 2015

10 things to know before you move to Mumbai

A place for all - Mumbai

People from all over India visit Mumbai every day. Some stay and some leave only to come back. If you are planning on moving to this city or are here already, these 10 things are just what you need to know –

1. It rains a lot and by a lot I mean… a lot. There will be no greater feeling to you than the luxury of dry feet for those Monsoon months. The best time to show off those colorful umbrellas, raincoats and boots.

2. Mumbai will grow on you and so will the Bambaiya Hindi, bole toh Rapchik tapori language. Add these words to your vocabulary – Gardi, Bidu, Tapri, Khopcha, Faadu, Chindi, Waat lageli hai and more.

3. There will always be crowd at stations like – Andheri, Dadar and Kurla. You are never alone.

4. Mumbaikars always talks about 3 things – Traffic, Crowd and Weather. 24*7!

5. Mumbai is expensive. Got a place? Lucky! You might actually be living with 56 people all from various states.

6.  In every vicinity you will find a Vada Pav or Anda BHurji wala, even at 4 am.

7. You will learn to dodge crowd on Foot over Bridges, Local train doors, on the road, on the platforms; the list is endless.

8. Mumbai never sleeps. Yes, that’s true. Put it on repeat.

9. Every time you will sit on the Marine Drive you will realize, Holy Shit! I Live in Mumbai!

10. The city prepares you for the best and the worst at the same time. Once you live here, you can live anywhere. 

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The article was originally published on WeareMumbai website.