25 January 2015

The Wonder Book: The Limca Book of Records

Do you have what it takes to be synonymous with the Spirit of Excellence? I am talking about the Limca Book of Records here. Showcasing the incredible feats achieved by Indians, the book is hailed as a testimony to the country’s record-breaking individuals. Be it of the shortest woman in the country or the youngest mathematics wizard, records are waiting to be broken, with new additions every single day.

Then there are records which will leave you surprised and how – these are feats that are both extraordinary and strange. A resident of Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra can do push ups on a single thumb, and this amazing talent has helped him gain entry into the Limca Records. I can’t even do push ups on both the hands, let alone a single thumb!

Another record I came across is extremely quirky to say the least. While you read, glance at your palm; how many finger sections do you see? Three, if I am not wrong? If more than that, you can challenge Suhaani Tomar and Krishan Kant as they have four, and are a part of the Limca Book of Records.

Leena Pawar from Jalgaon, Maharashtra has the longest hair record to her name! How long? 2.21 m! Her height? 5 ft 3 inch! And look at me, my hair doesn’t grow beyond waist length, ever. Kudos to the lady who could maintain her hair that long and keep it healthy!

These stories from the Limca Book of Records definitely intrigued me. So much so, that I spent an hour just reading through the records and landing up on the news of 2015’s Limca Book’s launch! (Time to read more)

The Jaipur Literature Fest 2015 saw the launch of the latest edition of the Limca Book of Records, a special on literature. The 26th edition recognises the contribution of Indian literature to society, in shaping the culture and helping it stand strong through the ages.

The launch was preceded by a key note on “The Reading Habit” by Padma Bhushan Girish Karnad and was followed by a panel discussion on the theme, “Is the commerce of Literature today killing ‘good’ writing?”

The Limca Book of Records has done a fabulous job in pushing forth on the global stage the names of select gifted individuals.

Do you have what it takes to go beyond the ordinary? Go for it!
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