17 May 2014

Dove Play Date with Indiblogger

What happens when Dove asks you out on a date to play?

Last Sunday was a Dove Play date where more than a hundred women bloggers in pretty white were invited to have what I later termed it as – an awesome day!

Venue? – The beautiful JW Marriott Hotel, Juhu, Mumbai

All the bloggers were asked to come dressed up in pretty white and me, like many other bloggers had a tough time finding one. The fact that Indiblogger termed this Dove Bloggers Meet as a Date gave me a happy excited smile. What made me more happy was that I was going to meet the lovely blogger from Indore – Pooja Kopargaonkar from Life Camera Fashion for the first time ever after a friendship of almost a year, online!

My sister and I (who is a travel blogger and blogs here) registered ourselves and got a badge of our names written on top. That was a really sweet move for a date! The next was to give us a team no. & a map. Yes, a map.

And then started a series of selfies and posing at the photo booth. I loved how Dove and Indiblogger put up ipads’ for us to take selfies and tweet from the Dove account!
Later, we could also tweet from our own account :)
How’s the selfie? (I never get them right!)

Dove ipad selfies!

One of the highlight of the date was the Photo booth with amazing props to play with and get ourselves clicked.

I wore a black high-neck top and white skirt, paired with a sling bag & white danglers made of sea shell
They had put a wall of fame where all the pictures went up after printing and yes we could take our copies home as the memory of a soon-to-be perfect date!

Dove - Wall of Fame

And then no guesses to this; I moved in to where I saw were kept cupcakes. Sigh.

I was in Team 8. The date was hosted by the beautiful host – Freishia. She helped us all to get distributed in our respective teams and get a name for ourselves – Team 8 – Fishtail Braid! Oh yes, we had to name our team on the basis of any hairstyle and we chose this. There were other teams like Waves, Bangs, fringe benefits, etc.

Once the briefing was done, Frieshia told us that we should just let go off our bags and get ready to be pampered and enjoy the date!

After a few activities like giving your team mate a compliment and dance like a bird with them – came the ZUMBA! Phew. 10 minutes of this and we were all sweating yet glowing. It was amazing! I have been cribbing and ranting about how much I want to learn Zumba and holla… here you go, my date started on a perfect note :)

Then came more activities and the date officially began. The 12 teams were divided into 4 sets of 3 teams each to make the date a lot easier and comfortable.

Puzzle Mania
Put up the puzzle in the least possible time and your team wins! Since childhood I have loved putting up puzzles together and Dove made me a kid again on the play date. It was a really nice activity. My team came 2ndamong the rest 2. Yay! I love puzzles.

Hulla Lopp - Hips Don't Lie

I had never done this before. I could hardly keep it on my waist for few seconds and phoosh. But, my teammate Nikita did it perfectly and made us win this round! Wohoo :D

Have a Ball!
This activity exhausted me completely! Look for the Dove balls and throw them to your teammate who has to catch it with the help of a container. We managed to get 269 balls *claps*

All the teammates had to hairstyle their friends before the other team does. The least time a team of 10 takes to do this the better their chances of winning. I loved the hairdo my teammate - Sherna gave me! :)

And then we clicked more pictures.

(L-R: With my team, With Freishia - the host, With Priyanka from Purplenist and with Dove Brand Manager)
The next activity was the Bartending activity by the pool side. We went outside and oh boy, the Juhu beach looked beautiful. Sad, that I don’t have a picture of it. Mixologist, Pranav demonstrated the activity and the one member from each time had to make the perfect drink for the night. The team who won had for themselves amazing Dove Salon vouchers!

This was the last activity other than the Dove Salon Experience which was waiting for us inside. We all decided to have dinner, which was really-really good.

And just when I thought what else; a team of marvelous dancers stepped out for a flash mob and put up a brilliant performances for all us onlookers!

This was followed by the announcement of winning team and the team which won was – Team 2 with all the members winning vouchers worth 5k from Dove Salon; voila!

As we headed to have a salon experience, one last activity was revealed. The Maze. Anyone from among the bloggers had to go in the glass maze and collect the maximum dove bird in a designated time. 2 bloggers were chosen for this activity randomly and incidentally both of them won themselves Dove vouchers because of a tie! Pretty amusing :)

The body needed some relaxation and we headed to the Dove Salon Experience where my beautiful stylist transformed my hair completely. Perfect end to a perfect date. Dove did what it promised – Took care of my hair as I played and got pampered by them the whole day.

Hair Makeover
and then we clicked more pictures...

After the Salon Experience / Before

As we decided to step out and head home, Dove pampered us with more… Gifts! :D

What does the gift contain?
1. Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner with Keratin Repair Actives
2. Dove Bird Hair Clip
3. Philips Hair Straightener machine

I have used this Dove shampoo and conditioner before and it is a really nice product for those who have damaged frizzy hair. I have those and the product has helped me quite a lot :) It lathers well; makes my hair smooth and clean and has reduced the frizzy hair to much extent.

What stood out for me on the date was the Pampering which never stopped. And it was not just about one or two but every blogger felt the same. We were all taken care of till the very end when cabs were called to get us home as it went on about till 10 pm. As I took out my feet from those heels in the cab and looked through all the pictures in the camera – that’s when I told my sister – I had a perfect date today, with Dove :)

Keeping playing with your hair and Dove will take care of the rest <3

#DovePlay moments

and the fabulous team behind the meet; thank you so much Indiblogger :)

Were you at the date too? Do tell me in comments how did it play out for you?

Love <3


Stuti Shrimali said...


gogo said...

Such a date you had :D amazing .... you have described this in such a beautiful way

Salo said...

Lovely blog. Just one advice. Never say "Me and my sister". It must always be "My sister and I" Put yourself last always :) <3 cheers!

Suman Kher said...

Awesome post! I love so many photos that you have added! Really brings the day alive! You know, my blog is also on Blogger but no matter what I do, it looks so boring! And I am pathetic at adding pictures. I really have to struggle to do it. Can you please suggest a way I can learn to do these interesting things to my blog also? Appreciate the help!

Megha Shrimali said...

Thank you so much for dropping by, Suman :)
Sure, would love to help! You can write to me anytime on - shrimali.m24@gmail.com and we can talk :)

Natasha Bhatt said...

Ohh yeah pooja was in my team.. it was a great event.. Nice pics n post girlie xo

Megha Shrimali said...

Thank you so much Natasha! :)

nishat123 said...

wish to win this awesome hair colour...really you gave us a chance to win awesome products....Both the products are really magical for hair...wish to win..fingers cross'd
followed all the steps.

Aprajita Trivedi said...

wow thank u so much 4 this lovely giveaway :0
it's really great when we are asked to pick gift .
well i'd liketo pick the 2nd gift "TRESemme Split Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner. "

janu said...

It was indeed a fun night. Cherish it for a long time.

Megha Shrimali said...

Entry by Saloni Goel via FB :)

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