12 April 2014

Product Review - Oriflame's Studio Artist Cream blush

Hello beauties! :)

Here I am reviewing a lovely product after a long time. This time it is the 'Oriflame - Studio Artist Cream blush in shades Soft Peach and Pink Glow'.

Price: Rs 549 for 20 ml

What I think about the product?

I have never used cream blushes and this was my first time. If ever I use blushes, I go for powder blush with minimal application.

and then I saw these. Cream blushes in the Indian market is not a common sight. The best thing I liked about these are that they are handy. Look at the small tube, easy to carry and definitely convenient. You can carry it away in your bag or even a small makeup pouch. These blushes aren't too creamy and didn't make my skin feel greasy. 

My favorite among these is the Soft Peach. Not too intense and to the face. You need to take a small amount and apply at first and then takeout more if needed. Its perfect with those floral you are going to welcome this summer. If you have a fair to medium medium skin tone, this is best for you. If you are a dusky beauty, it will hardly show on your skin.

I found the Pink Glow shade a little intense. Again, start with a small amount. This one's is a vibrant color. You can pair it up with bold lip colors/polishes.

  • If you are going with these over bare skin, expect it to stay for about 3 to 4 hours. 
  • If using foundation beneath, a soft shade of color will stay even after 5 hours. 

Soft Peach

The blushes didn't leave any patch on my skin, loved this fact to the core. Also, they have this natural aura to them that it doesn't feel too much on your face.

 Pink Glow

The good talks:

  • The product is very easy to use and the packaging is good.
  • The blushes are non-greasy and not too runny. Light texture.
  • Easily blends with your skin
  • No patches!
  • Perfect for those cheeks
  • If you are a lover of Powder blush, use these cream blush as a base. That will make it stay for long.
  • Looks natural
  • The tube has a lot to giveaway.
The not-so good talks:
  • If applying on bare skin, the product won't stay for more than a couple of hours
Its a really beautiful product. For me, the must-have is "Soft Peach" but for you, it can be "Pink Glow". So better buy and try both! :)

Would you use this? Do leave in your lovely comments.

*unbiased review, sample sent from PR*


Shamika C'kar Noronha said...

Soft peach looks good. Gotta give it a try.
Thanks for the review! :)

Megha Shrimali said...

Thanks for your comment Shamika! :)
Do share your experience! :D