26 April 2014

Product Review: Nivea in-shower body moisturiser

I have used a lot of Nivea products before. Especially the Nivea cold cream in those pretty blue tin boxes. The smell of Nivea products is enough to make one smile and bring back a lot of childhood memories. Thankfully, their new offering is as good as other products.

Today, I am reviewing the recent launch of Nivea - the in-shower body moisturiser which claims to be 
"The next generation of body care"

It is a moisturiser for your body while you are still in the shower. The moisturiser leaves a soft layer after your rinse. It is not necessary to use it daily of you have a normal to dry skin. It did save my time from applying any other lotion after bath.

How to use it?

  1. You need to have your usual bath first and then brush off that extra water from your body.
  2. Take the Nivea in-shower mosituriser and dab patches on your body and massage a little. Take only a small amount as it spreads well.
  3. Rinse off after 2 minutes.
  4. Dry yourself, dress up and you are good to go!
Yes, it is THAT easy.


The moisturiser comes in a sturdy inverted hard plastic container with a flip cap, making it easy to use and a secure shutting. This convenient feature makes it travel friendly!

250 for 250 ML, not bad at all! 

Firstly, the product succeeded in making my skin hydrated. My skin definitely needed this. I have a moderate oily face but a normal to dry body.

The smell stays in a tender way for sometime after the bath. Once you rinse off, it leaves your body with a soft bounce.

"Get silky, soft skin - while in the shower"

Do share your views on this product. Will you give it a try?

Final rating - 4.5/5

*I got this product as a winning prize on Beauty Frontline's Valentines Day giveaway. Review is unbiased and based on personal experience after using the product for more than a fortnight.


Diya said...

Hey Megha !
This product seems to be made just for people like me.. Always in a hurry types ;p
Moisturising in a different hassle free way and quickly too!!
I'm quite curious to try this & after reading your review I'm super excited!
Thank you so much!!

Divya Gattani said...

Hi Megha !! Thank you so so much for this post and yes u did solve my query !!! yay.. :D
I have got all my doubts clear ! Thanks a bunch :)

Lots of Love

Divya Gattani said...

Hey Megha !!
That is a Good Review. I like Nivea products and currently I am using "Nivea Happy Time Body Lotion with Bamboo Milk" Its nyc and feels so summery. Would love to try this "Nivea In-Shower Body moisturizer" . Sounds g8 !!

Thanks for the review

StyleSaaga said...

Interesting tips!