24 April 2014

Best way to store your makeup!

A reader recently wrote to me and asked how she can possible store and preserve her lipsticks and gloss. I wanted to answer her query with a blog post, and here it goes :)

The life of your makeup varies from product to product. All the products usually have an expiry date printed over it. However, there are some products which you don't use even after months and months of buying them. The question arises, how to store packed and unused makeup? No matter whether used or unused, all the makeup needs to be stored wisely. the actual shelf-life of any makeup product (opened or not) depends on how you store it and hence it is best to store them in a dry, cool, dark place as the products ingredients (such as pigments) might react to UV light and bacteria thrive on heat and humidity.

Since products containing oil are more susceptible to bacterial growth over time, your powder eye shadow will have a better shelf life than a mascara, a lip gloss or a moisturizer containing SPF.

I have made myself a box to store my makeup. It is always kept in my almirah which is usually cool and away from sunlight. Pictures below.

The oldest lipstick I have is a year old right now. Haven't unpacked. Once opened it shall go on for another next year as the expiry date is yet to come. 

  • When polish expires, the consistency turns gooey. They are sensitive to temperature extremes and humidity, so avoid storing lipsticks in the bathroom. Keep them in your dressing table or that pouch you keep at home. 
  • Keep checking on unused makeup once a while.
  • Protect your sunscreen by keeping it out of sunlight's reach. Once opened, sunscreen should stay active for a year.
  • Always close the caps of shampoos, conditioners, and styling products tightly. Otherwise, water and air can get in, breaking down the formulas or causing them to separate. Shampoos and conditioners, if not opened; stays for 2 years. 
Simple steps to follow:
  1. Wash and dry your hands properly before putting your fingers into a product. 
  2. Avoid reinfection. Stop using all eye makeup if you have an eye infection and lip products if you have a cold sore. Just cleaning with a tissue won’t suffice. 
  3. Choose a cotton-tipped swab or disposable sponge to apply makeup to a pimple — and avoid double-dipping.

Some tit-bits on keeping your make-up & cosmetic fresh 

  • Keep makeup containers tightly closed and out of sunlight; light can degrade preservatives.
  • Keep in mind, natural products expire quickly, so store creams and liquids in the refrigerator.
  • Always use clean hands and brushes when applying, and use a spatula instead of fingers to dip into skincare jars.
  • Don't use eye cosmetics if you have an eye infection, such as conjunctivitis, and throw away all products you were using when you first discovered the infection.
  • Never add any liquid to bring the product back to its original consistency. Adding that could introduce bacteria that could easily grow out of control.
  • Never share- it's the fastest way to spread bacteria!
I hope these tips help you out in someway :) Do share your tips on how to store makeup!
Megha :)