17 March 2014

How much I love & miss Goa!

Everybody loves Goa. There's nothing not to be loved about this place. It is serene, calm and beautiful. For me, it is not just the beaches, the sand, the food, the churches or the shopping but the memories I have of this place. For those who don't know, I have lived in Goa fr 5 years during my schooling and it was a great time that I had there. So Goa is a lot more about my memories and that's what I relived (most of them) when I visited the familiar places after 6 years this February.

somewhere along the beautiful coast :)
so this time when I went to Goa, after 6 years of moving out from there and moving to Mumbai; I re-connected with the old-me, my friends, school memories, familiar places, the road which lead to my home back then and the Goa I remember.

Met my best friend of almost 10 years now, Ruchika.
and when the wind blew across my face at the '3 Kings Church'; I felt at peace. Did a little pose, a side smile, sitting on the staircase, thanked myself for not refusing to come on this trip.

At the '3 kings church'. The people call it haunted church.
Moved on to the Colva beach, one of my favorites along the beautiful coast of Goa. As my sister walked and talked with her college time friend, I decided to sit and watch the people walk by, enjoying the breeze, the waves hitting the shore, and clicking the pose I always wanted to capture. My feet and the never ending sea, a little horizon too. Like it? :D

Spent quality time, basking in the sun and sand, @ the Colva Beach

That's me, striking a pose. Well, trying to.
I chose to layer every time I went out. Reason; I had no intentions of getting tanned. This hat has now become my personal favorite, very lady like :) Ignore the luggage, look at me! :P

and well, nothing can beat the beautiful sunset across the sea. I wish I could stay and watch the Dawn while the Dusk engrossed me and my soul :)

Stayed till the sun went down leaving me with a new hope of a better tomorrow

How many times have you been to Goa? Any special memory?
Do share!

A little something that I got from Goa :)


Stuti Shrimali said...

lovely post.. inspired me to write one of my own :D