25 December 2013

Get the products for Zero MRP!

This season is all about wishing for, giving and receiving gifts. All of us have been running from one shop to the other or scrolling from one website to the other looking for that perfect gift for our Santee(s) and family. It's time you sit back and unwrap your gifts and also wish for some more with a wishing website - 0mrp.com.

A new start-up, 0mrp.com - where one can simply wish for a product rather than buying it. It’s not a shopping website, it’s a wishing hub. 0mrp in a nutshell, is a platform which gets to you branded products and all you got to get them is to wish for them!

Sounds a little topsy-turvy? Let's find out how does this work?

  • Connect with your Facebook account and fill all your details.
  • Browse the wide range of products and wish for the one you want to have it. 
  • Get lucky by randomizer, as they use random.org to select winners.
  • 100% FREE delivery from their side.

Some of the featured products on their website right now - 

Points to ponder - 

  • When you register to 0MRP, you will get 5 wish. You can wish for a particular product maximum up to 5 times. 
  • If you've used your wishes, then after every half an hour you will get one wish i.e. after two and a half hour late your wish account will be again full.
  • You can wish for a particular product maximum up to 5 times, it'd depend on your level.
  • Once the targeted wishers for a particular product are over then only our random generator randomly chooses a winner.
  • There is not a single penny that you have to give out from your pocket. It is 100% free and that is guaranteed.

There's something known as - "Mega Prize Winner" too! 

The mega prize winner is the one who wishes the most in the mentioned time frame. All your wishes that you've wished for any product automatically stores in their wishing pool, so the ultimate winner for the mega prize will be the one who've wished the most in that particular time.

Sounds easy and fun, isn't it? Just keep wishing! 
Very soon they are going to launch an app for android and ios users which will be easily available on Google play and apple store, so it will be more convenient for users to use 0mrp.com.

Go and check the website to understand more :)
Happy wishing and winning :D
Merry Christmas, Ho! Ho!


Shilpa Bindlish said...

tried my luck..
wished for some nice products and hope this dat gets lucky for u n me ;)

Nee Vov said...

Above collections are good and attractive.

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