23 November 2013

Fall-Winter Living Room Décor Ideas

Winter calls for a cosy time. Be it your bedroom or your living room, the whole house should speak “winter ready”. Being in Mumbai, I kind of miss winters but the weather here gets pleasant in December and that’s what I look forward to most. Those winter nights when you just want to tuck in your couch in your living room, watching television with a glass of wine or hot chocolate in your hand, with a woolly blanket to cover you up. This by far is the best of times in my list to enjoy myself. I possibly can’t have a warm fire but when you move up in Indian map; you’ll find snowfall and possibly a fire place in that cosy room of yours. Ah, winters! 

White and winters, my favorite :)
It is important to create a space for yourself to escape from the winter outside and inviting sumptuous color schemes and nooks in your living room.

I really love the wooden theme in my living room that I have right now. It gives this cosy feeling of away from outside, my own world. I know too much fairy-tale but that’s how I am! (He he).

Color Contrast and living –
You can go for the traditional white walls but when it comes to furniture I like experimenting. My mother really loves maroon or dark brown when it comes to furniture and curtains, no doubt most of the furniture in my living room is dark brown/brown; that woody affect I mentioned above (Not woody Allen, Jeez!). So dark brown furniture and thick curtains will make your living room feel snug; that’s warm and cosy. A little bit of textured wall art paintings or heavy rugs will add the perfect oomph to this!

Cosy corner - 

I would die for such cosy corners <3

I don’t have one at my place but yearning for one! Of all the rooms and places in your big home sweet home, heart calls for a cosy little secluded corner which you call your own. It takes you to peace, quiet Sunday afternoons; add a statement comfortable wooden chair, accompanied with a small round table; and you’ll never want to leave. I have a swing at my place in the living room which is sort of my house's prized possession and that cosy place :)

Say Classy or Go for Dark - 

If you are into cushions and soft throws; go for pale tones. Winter loves grey and beige. They add neutral feel to the décor; just by their presence. You can also mix it up with earthy tones to create a sophisticated look.

Give a warm treatment to your windows - 

That's my house and as I said Maroon heavy curtains :)

One can also go for Blue this winter
As doors are meant to welcome good deeds, windows bring in the fresh air and are an ultimate companion to many. A quick way to add warmth to windows is to invest in heavy curtains with long drapes. Go for olive green, maroon or fire wood brown.
Cocoa, rust, gold and teal are the winter trends, giving the room a cozy feel without much effort.

More things to take care of -

Lay soft carpets and thick floor rugs, the key is to invest in the right colour. Add a hint of soft light in your living room to create a perfect ambiance in winter days. 

Wood & Fabrics & Metals with soft low light
Go for aroma candles and Orchids or white spray roses which soften the winter blues. Place them on a coffee table in your cosy corner of living room.


Hope you have amazing an winter!

sit back with an amazing cup of hot chocolate (:

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