26 August 2013

My memories are just a smell away :)

Weird heading? Not so weird actually. 
When the first drop of rain splashes on your garden or a nearby ground, the smell of wet soil enthralls your soul. Its like that perfect moment in a not-so-perfect life, its like that moment where life takes a back seat and its just you and the smell of the wet soil, its that moment which takes you to a time, a memory...

Isn't that some fragrances/smell reminds you of a place or someone? A scent that takes you back to a pleasurable time or experience?

Let me reminisce, I was 16, it was december. I was at my grandmother's place back in Lucknow. I recall leaning on the front door, looking out, watching people pass by... a sudden urge of going back in this time wakes me up. I am at my home. My mother is setting up the box of warm clothes. We don't really use them here in mumbai but have got a box full of colorful sweaters and quilt. Most of them woven by my Granny. Everytime my mother opens that box which smells of wool and napthelene, it takes me back to those times when I would run to my granny's laps. Her stories would make me smile, cry and sleep. The food made by her would make my winter vacations splendid. I miss her.

The other day my maid was cleaning the house. My mom asked her to clean it with dettol and water. The smell of Dettol struck me hard. It took me to the time when I was all of 6 years old. I was going to my school (1st std.). And suddenly the bell rang. I was late. I started running. I fall down. My sister came up to me. She held my hand, made me stand. Cleaned the dust on my knee, it was bleeding. She took out her new handkerchief, tied it round my knee. I cried. When I reached home, my mom took it out with dettol and warm water. I can still feel the pain but I can still feel the love and those tears I could feel in my sister's eyes for me that day... Memories truly make you what you are today...

My brother is in new class now. He got some new notebooks home. Ever smelled the new books? The blank papers and the fresh ink smells divine. I miss my school days. Those Days When 'Broken Toys' Were Better Than 'Broken Hearts... </3 The smell pf Pencil shavings... lost in an adolescence full of plastic and ink... 

Sense of smell has a profound effect on us. Smell/Scents that reminds you of growing up, of home, of family...

I was on a call few days back, sitting on the window of my room...wind splashing on my face, drizzling outside. It smelled of oil in a kadhai... smelled of chilly, coriander and besan... I knew what my mother is making in the kitchen that sunday  morning... Garma Garam Pakode :) We love it! Served with green coriander chutney and your stomach is happy, so is your eyes. The smell of oil on the gas, brewing with pakode makes me think about those childhood days when every holiday was about family and relatives. Eating breakfast during holidays like its a festival everyday...

This morning I was standing in my balcony. It smelled of Mogra. I have a Mogra plant and it smells divine. It always takes me back to those days in Goa when I would make a gajra for my mother every morning during early monsoons. That's when Mogra grows the best with a huge crowd of flowers in its bush. She used to be happy and I used to love spending those hours making the perfect garland for her perfect hair bun :) 

Smell of Polish when I open the shoe closet. Remember those days when you would rush for school in the morning and would find your shoes polished? It was either you mother or father who did that for you a night before. Never thanked them for that before? Do that today, never too late :)

Be it smell of that coffee at home which reminds you of Monsoon and those nights before exam when mom would stay awake with you, be it smell of that sweets made at home which reminds you of those pocket full of Jalebis, be it the smell of roses which takes you back to those amazing college days or be it the smell of petrol which would remind you of those endless long drives and holidays with family - smells/scent/fragrances actually makes a lot of memories!

The best scent ever? Smell of your home; of your parents :) When after a long day at work you knock the door and step inside, the mere fact that you smell home makes you let go off all your tiredness and weakness. A monotonous life suddenly turns to a life with hope, a life which is full of nostalgic memories and a life which holds a beautiful present :)

Do share in comments about the smell at home reminds you of something :)

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Photograph by Gaurav Prabhu Films | Photography

Pleasure is the flower that passes; remembrance, the lasting perfume.
 ~Jean de Boufflers