16 August 2013

Mia by Tanishq - "As beautiful as your work"

I am strong! I am Invincible! I am woman!

The day I listened to this song for the first time I could feel the strength a woman inherits within her. Be it your mother, daughter, sister, teacher, friend, acquaintance or any family member; it’s the woman who sets the world right. Nothing can bend her or break her. A woman of substance; her dedication, determination keeps her going.

My childhood, she made it priceless :)
The spark of the diamond increases when she wears it. The woman I met 22 years back, the day I was born. She smiled when I smiled; she made the world upside down if I frowned.

Mother on her wedding day :)
My mother is that Mia woman to me. Right from getting up in the morning to sleeping after checking up on all of us; family is her life. It is all what she has always worked or prayed for.  My mother has taken care of the family like god takes care of all of us. It’s true when they say; God couldn't be on earth with all of us that’s why he made mothers. 

The bling you see in that diamond or gold; I see in my mother’s smile. The value of happiness and prosperity which my Mia woman has bestowed in our lives is not less than that of a diamond. Diamond is a girl’s best friend and to me my Mia woman is. Her work is worship for her. Our happiness is the satisfaction of her life.

Her work gives strength. She is happy when she sews something for us, writes articles in her diary, shows it to us and make us read. She sees her second-self when she writes - feels happy about the things she does on a daily basis other than making the world perfect for me, my siblings and dad :)

The woman who is as beautiful as her work. The strength of my home, the support to us, the love of our lives and the diamond whose shine never goes out of sight :)

The Mia by Tanishq, I could relate to the TVC the time I saw it J Its like bang on! What’s in a name? Exactly what’s in a woman. They say, they do, they don’t let the outer shine overshadow what’s shining inside them; the Mia Tanishq Woman who is “As Beautiful As her Work.”


Najmunnissa said...

Your mother is as lovely as her work ! Very pretty indeed megha ! :-)

Megha Shrimali said...

Thanks a lot dear! :)

Shanaya said...

Awwh ! Lovely post. you mom looks beautiful ! :D
xoxo <3