09 July 2013

When you come back home!

Hi Everyone,
For those of you who read my tweets and follow my Facebook Page must be knowing that I was out of blogging scene for a month almost with rare appearances like the one a newcomer makes these days in Bollywood. Sorry for the bad joke.
So I was away from city and then going back to where I belong feels uber good. Loads in store for all the readers and for me as well since GFC got shut. *sob*

What all to expect?

1. There is a contest/Giveaway coming up tonight where the winner gets to win a beautiful ancient touch necklace from Niska (an online store available on Facebook, you will get to know a lot more about it in my post tonight!).
For now, Hop on to their Facebook Page: Niska and you will find some really great collection; go check out!
What you get to win? Look for it on my page: https://www.facebook.com/alilofeverythingblog

2. After the contest is up I am going to review a product I have been using since a month now - Ponds BB Cream.

3. You certainly want to know where I went, right?

Don't you?

4. In the past 1 month 2 amazing Indiblogger meets happened, one you can read here: HPInk Advantage Bloggers Meet by Indiblogger
and the other will be up in the coming days; it was indeed #FreshNHappy.

5. I have got a new gadget with me; I am not a technology writer to review it but yes will surely write about it. Its the Croma Tab and I am simply loving it! Bigger screen and better place to enjoy games like Temple Run, isn't it?

6. Last but not the least, few articles which are aching to come out of my diary and be on this digital space. Everybody wants to get noticed these days, isn't it? *gosh*

Said that; I am back Peeps!
I have missed my city, family and special people of my life!
Don't forget to meet me in evening for the Giveaway will be up! :D
See you all!

To be updated with what I do and what stupidity I indulge in; you can follow me on Twitter! @LeoAmore6


Shilpa Bindlish said...

welcome back ...waiting for the giveaway and infact just joined Niska as 2600th follower via ur page :)

Veena Vinyas said...

wow will be waiting fr that...

Darina said...

Nice blog... Check out my blog... and what do you think... do you wanna follow each other?


Darina said...

Thanks! I am following you back :)

Erika Sorocco said...

Welcome back! :)