05 March 2013

Happy Birthday Month to my Blog (:

When I started my blog a year back, I never imagined that it will see this day. It is the support and love of all my readers, family and friends which has kept it going and going... I am so much in love with blogging that I started one more blog in Jan this year :P 
The coming year will bring lots of fun reads and 1 giveaway each month :)

However, its time to celebrate the 1 year of my First blog - A Li'l of Everything! *wohoo*

Super awesome brands have associated with my blog to have a month long Birthday celebration :)

This Birthday month brings you a chance to win:
1. Gorgeous earrings
2. A set of beautiful bangles
3. A Bracelet 
4. A beautiful surprise to keep your jewelries or mobile in :D

4 weeks
4 winners
a month dedicated to my baby; my blog! <3

Stay Tuned...

Megha Shrimali


Shreeja Rajan said...

Aww that's cute! Happy Anniversary!

Karishma said...

Happy birthday to your blog :)

sepatuholic said...

happy birthday shrimalimegha246 blog....

Rinki Ghosh said...

Happy Birthday....God bless u @A Li'l of everything :)

princess of kahinn nnahin said...

Happy Birthday..hope u have a great day :)