30 November 2012

I am back and celebrating (:

I know its been a really long time. I had all my submissions going on and then now I have a weekend for ME, for the first time in like 6 months!! :D huh!I was very much there on Facebook and all those who follow me there know that the page has reached the first milestone, 100 Likes :) I am very happy! thank you to all of you <3
Thank you to the lovely people who follow me via GFC too!

Also, my Internship is starting on Monday and I am really excited :D *Office Office* Jeez!

To celebrate the milestone, to cheer up the Christmas mood and to celebrate a good or not-so-good 2012, a lovely giveaway will be here soon! 
An amazing sponsor has extended her hand for the same and I am sure you guys will like it :)

Keep an eye here and yes, thank you once again :)
Love <3


Vale ♥ said...

Welcome back, hope you will enter my giveaway before it expires, one day left, I am sure you might like it :) Kisses and looking forward to yours !

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You're invited to enter my giveaway to win a pair of VOGUE sunglasses of choice !: One day left, enter now !

ELISA said...

Here I am following back!

Megha Shrimali said...

Thank You :)
Keep in touch!
You have a great blog (Y)

Megha Shrimali said...

Hey, thank you for sharing. I just entered the giveaway.
Keep in touch!

Buttons Apart said...

Good luck with your internship!

Sita xx

Megha Shrimali said...

Hi Sita,
thank you for your wishes :)
and that's a 'naice' blog you have out there! :D