22 September 2012

Quadruplet Pizza Treat

Here is an easy-to-make, nutritious and yummy Pizza Dish for all. Make your Sundays more special with the yumminess of Quadruplet Pizza :D

Kitchen *tick*
Apron *tick*
Get Set Go? *tick* :D

1/2 cup Rice Flour
1/2 cup gram Flour
1/2 cup mixer-grinded Moong Dal
1/2 cup Rawa
1/4 cup - Paste of Del Monte Chopped Spinach
Salt to taste
1/4 cup of Del Monte Mixed Vegetables
4 tbsp Del Monte Chili Sauce
4 tbsp Potato Paste; Boil 1 potato from Del Monte Whole New Potato for the same
1/4 cup - Coriander and Mint Chutney

1) Make paste of Rice Flour, Gram Flour, Moong Dal and Rawa in separate bowls.
2) Add salt to taste in each paste
3) Make Cheela of each batter and set aside.
4) First take Rawa Cheela and spread sauce and potato paste over it.
5) Then place Gram Flour Cheela on it and spread Coriander and Mint Chutney over it.
6) Then place Rice Cheela on it and spread Del Monte Mixed Vegetables over it and finally place Moong Dal Cheela on it.
7) Finally press them a little and grade cheese over it.
8) Cut it into pieces.

Ready to serve.

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Love <3